Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pope Francis rottweilers want exclusive rights to publicity stunts

The synod is sinking and the rats are coming out of the woodwork.

Didn't Pope Francis initiative call for open and honest discussion of Kasper's heresy?

If you can distance yourself from the emotional baggage that comes with the empowerment of the thugs who sell heresy, this is fascinating to watch.

Pope picks heretic to teach his see heresy and tells us all to openly discuss the pros and cons of embracing it.

When Catholics who will never embrace heresy openly and honestly discuss the cons, Pope Francis army of mercy and justice tell us to STFU.

The duplicity is too weird to be of human origin.

Get this: After the Holy Father tells us to discuss the very public, well-orchestrated circus of deception and heresy at the synod, this Cardinal tell us not to conduct a debate about the synod through the press.

Priests should not conduct a debate about the October Family Synod through the press, Cardinal Nichols has said, following the publication of a letter signed by hundreds of priests, urging the synod to issue a ‘clear and firm proclamation’ upholding Church teaching on marriage.

They want exclusive rights to conduct publicity stunts.

I don't think so fellas.

Remember when Pope Francis said he wanted discussions about the crud in the Relatio to be transparent?

Here we see the policy on transparency starting to shape up:

Every priest in England and Wales has been asked to reflect on the Synod discussion. It is my understanding that this has been taken up in every diocese, and that channels of communication have been established,’ the statement said.

‘The pastoral experience and concern of all priests in these matters are of great importance and are welcomed by the Bishops. Pope Francis has asked for a period of spiritual discernment. This dialogue, between a priest and his bishop, is not best conducted through the press.’

Get it?

Any discussion was supposed to be privately discussed with the heretics trying to implement it.

Good one.

Next time we have a complaint, let's waste our time and call up the foxes they put in the henhouse.

There is something really creepy about communication in the administration of this papacy. In every conceivable way.

Right is wrong and wrong is right. Error is evangelized and truth is silenced.

It's the stink of sulfur.

We need to be careful because it is everywhere and demons specialize in capitalizing on naivete and stupidity.

But everywhere this agenda is being promoted, the liars and thugs storm to silence and destroy catechesis and truth.

We've all taken several bites of the apple now and it is rotten to the core.


Anonymous said...

I just wish there was some way to get this information to the regular parish....the average pewsitter attending Sunday's only is more likely to be reading crux as opposed to a good Catholic blog like this and Tempus fugitive...the synod will be upon us. Little if nothing at all is being discussed from the'd think this would be of tantamount importance and a perfect oportunity to edyfy the parishoners concerning the immutable church teaching on marriage as well as the other hot button issues. It's just so frustrating ...why the silence about the synod at the parish level?? stupid question huh...

TTC said...

This very much looks like a very tightly-controlled secretive and deceptive process where the outcome is going to happen come what may.

They are just going through the motions.

Pope Francis sends out a referendum to have the uncatechized vote for Church teachings. He picks a heretic to obstruct teaching Catholicism and Sacramental absolution with edicts and policies instructing priests to contradict Church teaching in practice. He asks for consultation and discussion but any time catechized Catholics point out the obvious they are told to shut up, the discussions are secretive consultations with heretical bishops who are now in control of the Deposit of Faith, courtesy of Pope Francis and we are threatened and bullied if when we don't shut up.

Pope Francis calls this process transparent.

It's as transparent as mud.

Don't even waste your time. It's a dog and pony show.

I suspect the only thing that is going to stop it is making big mudpies out of it, loading it up in a slingshot and flinging them around the internet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, is there really any difference between they way this papacy and the president operate? Have they both been studying Rules for Radicals?

There is one solution, the consecration of Russia just as we have been told for the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

"When Catholics who will never embrace heresy openly and honestly discuss the cons, Pope Francis army of mercy and justice tell us to STFU."

Oh thank you for the hearty laugh which I so very much needed.

In my parish, week after week, during the intercessory prayers, we are praying "to ask the Holy Spirit that we may be open to change."

I've heard that one before.


Meem said...

If there is not supposed to be any discussion, why on earth was there a Vatican Survey on the Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and the Contemporary World published on our local diocesan website?
It is based on the relatio synod document of last fall and plainly shows the errors that are being suggested to be implemented.

TLM said...

Someone needs to clue them in that the Holy Spirit doesn't do HERESY. If they actually think they're listening to the Holy Spirit, they are in for a real shocker. It's the adversary they're actually listening to.

And Meem.......the 'survey' and/or the 'discussion' and 'dialogue' isn't quite going the way they wanted it to go. So now they're telling us to STFU, they've got this.

Well..........WE WON'T.