Sunday, March 8, 2015

What Exactly IS "The Knights of Columbus"?

Over the years of blogging, I've heard many troubling stories from trustworthy and reputable Catholics about the Knights of Columbus. Most of them from ex-Knights.

Four themes emerge from their complaints on the local council level:

1. Using their apostolate to shill proabortion politician elections, often times intentionally sabotaging prolife politicians.
2. Refusing to defend the faith in situations when we could have used their help.
3. Using their apostolate to help the enemies of the faith.
4. When the above three things go awry, the hierarchy at National is useless.

In other words, it's pretty much followed the leadership of bishops in the Catholic Church.

I read a comment on MaryAnn's site that demonstrates and memorializes the slander and bullying that has become the ritual used against faithful Catholics in this climate, all the way to the Chair of Peter:

Harrry D. Carrozza,MD said...
Several years ago I literally begged our local Council to protest to our Pastor( who was also our Chaplain) that he should re-instate the reciting of the Creed at weekend Masses which he habitually omitted. Their response was tepid & I could not get their support. Thereafter, when the same Chaplain stated in an offensive ad-hominem attack on me in the local Diocesan paper regarding my letter to the editor supporting the over 150 Bishops' opposition to the ACA mandate I received support from only one Brother Knight. Where then is Chivalry ?? Can one be part of an organization where one does not get moral support in serious Church related activities? See you latter alligator!!

Harry D. Carrozza,MD,FACS.
President. Tucson Catholic Physicians Guild

Here's a guy that just wanted the priest to include the Creed during the Liturgy - as he is required to do - so Dr. Carrozza could pray it, and a chaplain at the Knights of Columbus couldn't bring himself to, in kindness, act upon that simple request to include the prayers of the Sacred Liturgy which he has no authority to omit. The Knights were useless and the chaplain eventually threw him under the wheels of the bus.

The typical humility, tenderness and mercy exercised to faithful Catholics a la Pope Francis.

In another shining example of the Pope Francis tenderness and mercy crowd, the principal of the school that withdrew his students from the parade over the recent controversy heard from the local Knights of Columbus leader at Our Lady of Lourdes in Carver. The message: 'get with the modern world'. Absolutely unacceptable conduct of a man representing the Knights of Columbus. Rev. Anthony Medairos, his pastor, is going to be hearing from me tomorrow.

The officers of the MA KofC say it was their intention to show up at the parade this year to 'showcase their values' and what would Pope Francis do (WWPFD)

What would Pope Francis do?

In an unprecedented and remarkable feat, after two years of his papacy, nobody knows what the pope would do or have us do.

He appoints people to teach values that contradict Church teaching. The people he appoints have repeatedly told us they are indeed Pope Francis' values and Pope Francis himself has asked us to be open to the contradictions, when the doodoo hits the fan, Mark Shea has appointed himself and a team at EWTN to make the astounding claim this is not what Pope Francis is telling us to do.

Elton John heard the messages of Pope Francis, thanked him for finally telling him what he wanted to hear and then married his longtime lover.

After listening to the cryptic messages and watching the appointments of heretics who tell us what Pope Francis would have us do, there is moral chaos in our families and world.

To be perfectly honest, most practicing Catholics don't want our children lined up on the streets while they are asked to clap for fornication and then be told 'WWPFD'. Pope Francis has jockeyed himself into the position of obscuring WWJD. While we are all expecting the schismatic shoe to drop in October, his team he has surrounded himself with is slandering, threatening and bullying faithful Catholics. The situation he has created in our families and in our apostolates has made it impossible to articulate and teach and practice our religion.

So in your great mercy and kindness, practicing Catholics would greatly appreciate not citing that ambiguous circus being put on by the Romans and tells us to line our children up on the streets and clap for fornication and tell us this is what Pope Francis would have us do.

I find it impossible to believe that the Knights of Columbus were nowhere to be found while our Veterans and defenders of the faith took on a tsunami of malice as they attempted to keep the 'showcase of Catholic values' into the St. Patrick's Day parade and as everyone is exiting in testimony against their intolerance and bigotry, they show up on the scene with their capes and swords to 'showcase their values'.

It's a non sequitur.

Moreover, the valiant men who fought the real battle to 'showcase Catholic values' in that parade are owed more respect.

What in blazes has the Knights of Columbus become?

One ex-Knight gave me this very poignant description:

The top layer is a money-making pyramid scheme that sells insurance.

The middle layer is a group who are in it to get mileage out of titles or the dramatic dog and pony shows with the capes and swords.

The bottom layer is a social club built around booze. They have their meetings and then go back to the bar.

Where is the Archbishop?

Where is Bishop Lori?

Where is Carl Anderson?


Aged parent said...

Here is some background on the Knights, for your perusal:

Anonymous said...

The Knights of Columbus are where far too many Novus Ordo pewsitters Ialaland. It's a bread and circus world and its alive and well in the Catholic Church . I for one have friends from childhood....good people mind you but they couldn't be less interested in what is happening in Rome let alone the Archdiocese and when they do their Sunday obligation they rarely hear anything to stimulate them to even question where it all went wrong.. I've also confronted some Knights of Columbus awhile back at Market Basket during a fundraiser asking them what they thought about the doings at the synod and this papacy......all I got were blank stares and after my short disitation I was placated as someone with an ax to grind....the reality was they didn't know nor did they care.

breathnach said...

The K of C had vibrancy when founded by Father McGivney in the 19th century to serve and promote Catholicism,charitable aims, fight anti-Catholic bigotry and promote Catholic education within immigrant communities. In my salad days the K of C local was a place to meet up with some of the boys and down a few beers. Today it's original mission has been subsumed and it's little more than a front group for the bishops and the aims of the USCCB. There has been no "renewal" and the call to "universal saintliness" has fallen on deaf ears. I even doubt if you'd find good drinking buddies there anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am not now, nor ever have been, a knight but here in Ontario their councils are strongly supportive of pro-life efforts and tend to be good faithful Catholic family men. Knights are active in the community doing good works and helping to support their parishes.

They drink beer, eh. Catholic men getting together to share a pint? Goodness knows they must be heading for hellfire and damnation.

I'm something of a zealot when it comes to shenanigans in Rome or about what's happening in the local diocese, schismatic German bishops, local heresy or the debacle of the Synod on the Family, but I do like to quaff ale with friends. Maybe I should join the KoC.(When did we become Baptists? I missed that change. Is it a spirit of Vatican II switcheroo thing?)

John the Mad

TTC said...

John, LOL.

The comment wasn't intended to demonize men who fraternize with beer. I am fairly certain the ex-Knight who said it does it from time to time himself!

Its become the major activity of a Catholic apostolate, that's a problem. I could be mistaken, but I think it's more of a problem in the city than the suburbs here in MA.

All tolled, nobody saw them on the ground when we needed them to demonstrate their values when the Mayor was threatening Vets with the F word to force them to turn a Catholic family event into having families clap for the fornication of a group of veterans. Frankly, I would ask to see their credentials before I let them into a parade. I doubt they really exist.

breathnach said...

John the Mad,

I'm sitting down with a Belgian Ale as I go through and explain my post. I'm with Belloc and Chesterton and never want to see the spigot on kegs turned off. The responsible enjoyment of fermented beverages is central to the sanity bequeathed to us by Christendom. I enjoyed every dram at my K of C local in the lates 70s and into the 80s. However, that's about all I saw going on there. I am happy that your experiences were different in Canada.

Woodlawn said...

The Knights of Columbus have the same problems as the Church at large.

Here are two links to Knights who are trying to restore Catholic Tradition and practice.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, the question in your post is excellent. Unfortunately, I don't think the KofC itself can answer that. It seems they've been "Dolan-ized", if you get my drift.

TTC said...


These links are fabulous - thanks so much for sharing them.

A Knights of Columbus in the Latin Rite Community -- what a FABULOUS idea!

TTC said...


These links are fabulous - thanks so much for sharing them.

A Knights of Columbus in the Latin Rite Community -- what a FABULOUS idea!

Catechist Kev said...

"I'm with Belloc and Chesterton and never want to see the spigot on kegs turned off. The responsible enjoyment of fermented beverages is central to the sanity bequeathed to us by Christendom."

No doubt, breathnach!

You can count me out of the "let's go clubbing" crowd.

I'd rather "go pubbing" with the likes of G.K. and Hilaire any day (then hand out copies of "What's Wrong with the World" and "Heretics").

Can you imagine the looks?! LOL!

Catechist Kev

Anonymous said...

I wrote to a 50-something 4th-Degree Knight, a widower living on the other side of the US, through (I want to add at this point that he was banned for life from AMS,com when I reported the man.) I did a search and confirmed his identity. He, in fact, had served as Grand Knight of a local chapter and had held several other offices in the state-wide organization.

After some months, his father died. I searched for the obituary in the man's hometown. The surviving family included this man *and his wife.*

I discussed the situation with a few female AMS friends,, an another woman said the man had run the same con on her!

When I confronted this "gentleman Knight," he expressed no remorse. Indeed, he felt he had wronged no one, so I listed the victims for him: me, his wife, any other women he wrote to, jis brother knights and the KofC, his bishop, and the Catholic Church.

I'm acquainted with a few fine Knights. My experience makes me wonder.

Anonymous said...

I have been a member of the K of C for 30 years. Just prior to the last election, I wrote to the National office and requested clarification on (c)atholic politicians who boasted of their affiliation with the KofC on their resumes and then voted anti Catholic positions on life, marriage and religious conscience. After several unsuccesful attempts at a response, I finally received one- "the KofC cannot require members to uphold Catholic doctrines". I left.

Ed in Wisconsin

EH said...

A couple of years ago I was involved in fighting a state referendum that would have imposed assisted suicide. No big organization would give money for the TV spots except one: the Knights of Columbus,. While much of what you say on this blog may be true, I know of no large organization in the US that is stepping up to the plate and dishing out the bucks to fight George Soros and his fellow atheists on the issue of suicide and euthanasia. None!

Woodlawn said...

Ed in Wisconsin,

Let's change your comment just slightly:

I have been a member of the (Catholic Church) for 30 years. Just prior to the last (conclave), I wrote to the (Vatican) and requested clarification on (c)atholic politicians who boasted of their affiliation with the (Catholic Church) on their resumes and then voted anti Catholic positions on life, marriage and religious conscience. After several unsuccesful attempts at a response, I finally received one- "the (Catholic Church) cannot require members to uphold Catholic doctrines". I left.

Do you leave the Church because the pope and the bishops refuse to discipline the members of the Church? Then why do you surrender once good Catholic organizations to the unfaithful modernists? Take them back, at least on the local level, and do what you know should be done to uphold the Truth of Catholic teaching.

At many councils, all it would take would be you and a few of your faithful Catholic friends to take control of most of the leadership positions. Instead, you left.

DFW area Catholic said...

A couple of years ago, an area KC hall allowed the Democrats (pro-choice, pro-gay marriage remember) to hold their Ellis County convention there. I saw a notice about it in our town's events section. [I live in a different town than the hall where the gathering occurred.] I brought the articel and meeting to the attention of my parish pro-life group and a relative of mine who is a deacon, who spoke up about it. Not exactly a unanimous positive response from the knights as a result of my bringing the matter to attention of church leaders who then took it to the Knights -- sort of defensive and combative from what I heard. The knight who supposedly is in charge of pro-life activities for the local group acted like he didn't know what was going on re: the convention. I don't know what procedures and protocols are in place to rent KC facilities or who has to approve their use.

On the other hand, the local Knights have acted a bit more chivalrously with regard to another matter. A Dallas area KC was charging the Legion of Mary to use their hall for Curia meetings. Our local KC now lets the Legion use their facilities for free for the meetings.

Frank Rega said...

The word "scapegoat" seems appropriate here. Blame the Knights because there are some bad ones, and ignore their good works, and the money and time they give to charitable causes. The problems that exist with the Knights are exactly the same ones that exist throughout the Vatican II Church. The problem is a lot bigger than the Knights.

Haroon said...

Aah, finally a papacy where I can say I'm more Catholic than the pope.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. That doesn't make him a good person.
As my mom always said; "We are known by the company we keep."

Anonymous said...

When I joined the Knights, I remember giving oath to be a "practical Catholic." Before I answered, I asked what a "practical" Catholic is... "Is that the same as a practicing Catholic?," I asked. The response I received was, "No." He then congratulated me for asking the question before answering, and explained what a practical Catholic was, but I honestly don't remember what the answer was.
I decided to continue on anyway, knowing that I am a practicing Catholic.

There are many (seemingly) practicing Catholics in our Council. Granted most are Novus Ordites to varying degrees, from ACTS retreat organizers, to acoustic guitar "music ministers," to parents of altar girls.

I do not attend KofC Masses because apparently you cannot have Mass without eight "extraordinary" ministers crowding the sanctuary.

You know, usual components of Novus Ordoism.

Anonymous said...

The Knights of Columbus have become a front for an insurance-selling conglomerate. Besides that, they are also just a Catholic version of Freemasonry. The Church forbids secret societies and they have become one.

Jean Martelli said...

The Catholic Church is filled with sinners, but somehow, the fact that some members of the Knights of Columbus are less than perfect is taken to mean that the whole organization is bad. When you find an organization without any imperfect people, you will likely find that you are no longer on this earth, or you’ve been brainwashed.

What's really amazing is this. The political left constantly attacks the K of C for its work on issues such as life, marriage, family, etc. Then, their fellow Catholics attack them for not being Catholic enough.

It's bad enough the Knights have to endure the attacks for their faith without hearsay attacks from those who ought to pray for them, really take the time to learn about what they do, and frankly should be supporting the great charitable work, pro-life work, religious liberty work, etc. the Knights engage in every day.

What other group has put 500 ultrasound machines in pregnancy resource centers? What other organization helps the pro-life movement as much? What other group helps as many kids, families, and parishes with needs large and small? What other group gave 70 million hours and $170 million to charity last year?

The most troubling thing with those Catholics who attack the Knights is that its almost always hearsay and innuendo. It's almost never facts.

When the political left attacks the Knights it is usually based on real disagreements with what the organization stands for - with some spin added in. What does it mean that the political left does more research and has more basis for disagreeing with the Knights than the "pure" Catholics do?

It seems ironic that the Knights are simultaneously attacked for being both "Catholic" and "not Catholic enough," and that those who disagree with the Church do research before attacking and distorting, while the “good” Catholics simply listen to gossip and then repeat it as gospel.

TTC said...

Jean, the gripe is not about flaws of people doing good work in the Knights.

The leadership structure is in shambles and people who support proabortion politicians and gay marriage are running amok in the Catholic apostolate.

These problems need to be resolved. Wrongs need to be righted.

If you are sitting on your hands and keeping your mouth closed when wrongs are committed and then taking actions when Catholics try to expose the wrong and get the leaders to correct it, it's time to sit down in front of the Blessed Sacrament and come to terms with what it means.

TTC said...

Kindly note - In MA, the gripe is a 23 year attack orchestrated by two Mayors against Catholic men trying to keep Catholic values in the St. Patrick's Day Parade where the Knights were NOWHERE to be found.

Now that Catholic children lining the streets are going to be asked to applaud for sodomy, the Knights want to run in with their capes and swords and march in the parade?


breathnach said...


well stated as to the responsibility of the leadership of the K of C. The scandals of the worldly leadership of the K of C are festering, authentic Catholic voices must speak out and not cower with justifications based on the good works that have always been a part of the K of C.

I'd prefer to support a secular organization that performs good works instead of an organization that claims to be triumphantly Catholic, but is used by worldly leadership to promote political interests and ambitions.

Another example of scandal of K of C leadership: