Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lifesite's Blockbuster story on Laurent Stefanini

Just when you think things couldn't possibly get any stranger, our friends from Lifesite is reporting that Laurent Stefani a) never lobbied for gay marriage as previously claimed, b) has never been a cultural activist for the culture of death, c) has never disclosed to anyone that he has same-sex attraction and was never known as a homosexual prior to the story breaking d) is unmarried with no known companion and is in fact known to be a practicing Catholic e) may not be gay.

Very strange.

If this story ran in the National Catholic Register, I wouldn't believe it - but Lifesite has never been known to cover up internal corruption.

If true that he has not scandalized or led other Catholics into temptation and sin, one wonders why the Holy See has rejected the nomination.

After all, the Roman Curia isn't exactly known for stacking the decks with heterosexuals, especially in this administration.

Further, neither France nor Stefanini has defended himself against the allegations. I would think if a case could be made that no evidence of lobbying or heresy could be made against Stefanini, we'd be reading about it from the Stefanini bunker.

What do you make of it?


Anonymous said...

The NO church is in a constant free fall and has set itself up for the diabolical attacks from those who support the homosexual agenda. Someone is indeed enjoying the ruckus being caused by these evil mischief makers.

Anonymous said...

Stefanini probably ticked off somebody important in the Curia. That's why he had mud tossed on him.