Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Perspectives on Synod

I've only listened to the first in this series of perspectives by Chris Ferrara, but he seems to do a masterful job explaining the history of the synod and the problems they foist upon Christ's Church.

The series is here.

There are many spiritual forces at play but at the end of the day, these people are not believers in Sanctifying Grace.

They don't understand why Christ Sacrificed Himself and what we gained by that Sacrifice.

They are clueless about what Sanctifying Grace is and what their role is in the Church in getting it to the immortal souls in front of their faces.

They don't have the faintest idea what happens to the intellect when a person uses free will to sin.

They have no idea what it is all about.

The mystical world does not exist to them.

Holy Father, our children are being demoralized inside and outside of the Church. They are confused and starving for the truth.

His fix is in. The Holy Father has maligned parents as holding onto antiquated morals and he's selected heretics to teach the children if you sleep around with one person for a long time, sex becomes the sacrament of absolution wherein they can then receive the Blessed Sacrament. He has starved them of truth. He is building his own institution that robs future generations of Sanctifying Grace.

That is it in a nutshell.

It's like being stricken with terminal cancer and having screwball physicians at the oncology center tell us the problem is, we are melancholy pickled pepper faces who are afraid to dance.

Come the synod, he's going to see pickled-pepper faces all right. And if he puts on another deceptive show of the slimy snakes he's surrounded himself with, he'll have a nice little ride on the end of our shoes!


Aged parent said...

Glad to see your on the mend, and writing again!

Anonymous said...

Chris Ferrara is the very best!
Why can't our Bishops and Pope just listen to Chris and TTC? The issues the Pope comments on seem to come from the mindless pop culture corporate media. Chris is a better source of info than a creepy heretic like Kaspar.
Chris and Carol are correct that both Mass types can exist and people should have a mix of both - that is an ideal NOT allowed by our priests just as they deny us Confession opportunity. Actually the apostates are at war with TLM, the pre VII 1960 years, and they are also at war with the NO Mass when it is done well - they use the clapping, the synod, and balloons to try to destroy well prayed NO Mases.

Anonymous said...

Essentially, Carol, you are saying that this pope is a false prophet, perhaps the False Prophet. I have no problem with that, but I want you to realize the logical consequences of your assertions.

TTC said...

What this post says is, after decades of pleading with the Holy See to stop heretics from misleading the people we love, out all the people in the world, Pope Francis picked a heretic to convey and theology on the family. It says his synod revealed perversion of truth and Church teaching.

That is factual. If you have concluded these facts mean Pope Francis is a heretic, you are not alone. I have repeatedly said i dont know why he would do such a thing and the reasons do not matter. I have repeatedly said what does matter is how picking a heretic and asking the people I love to follow his guidance instead o Church teaching has done to my family.

There are many who wish to believe that picking a heretic and asking everyone we love to follow his guidance instead of Church teaching is some kind of mysterious phenomenon they have never seen before and they don't know what it is and what it does to the people we love.

Some of these people have put a lot of energy into exposing the consequences of priests and bishops who do it but when it comes to the Pope doing it, they take the position that pointing out misfeasance and malfeasance and malpractice iof ordained men some kind of sin. This is how pedophiles flourished inside if the Catholic Church.

I will tell you something right here and now. Anyone who come into my children's radar and introduces them to a heretic and tells them to follow the advice of a heretic instead of Church teaching is subject to the same response. Whether a priest, a bishop, a cardinal or a Pope, we tell our loved ones not to follow that advice. We also tell them the reasons why they are not to follow that advice.

Don't come around here suggesting that is sin.

God Bless.