Friday, April 17, 2015

Rich Heretics Ask Pope to Remove Archbishop Cordileone for Mandating Teachers Teach Catholic Children Catholic Theology

Cronies of Pelosi and proabort politicians.

Why not?

They have been successfully bribing parish priests and bishops with their money to obstruct teaching for decades.

With a Pope who obstructs, discredits and silences teaching himself, they probably figure they stand a good chance.

Would the Pope be willing to remove an archbishop for implementing the Mandatum and Apostolic Constitution of Ex Corde Ecclesia?

The backlash from the actions he took against Cardinal Burke and the deceptive antics at the Synod, I'd say it makes it harder but I would not say it is out of the question.

In the Church where the Pope's public image is more important than the salvation of our children, they who sling the most mud wins'. It is important to let Pope Francis and his administration know the ramifications of such an act of corruption.

We need to shoot the flare across the Holy Father's bow to say, if he does it, faithful Catholics will write and publish details articulating it is a hostile act of an enemy of our children's salvation and we will pin it on him.

The reality of making enemies out of faithful Catholic parents hasn't really processed in Rome yet. They are starting to get the picture but they are going to test to see if they can recapture the glory days when they had free reign to rape and rob our children without and remain free of public criticism.

A dozen or more incidents will have to take place before it sinks in.

They still fear the uproar the heretical nuns more than they fear the parents of children they license them to destroy. That is a problem we intend to rectify.


StevenD-Jasper said...

Disgusting heretics. One of the signers is Tom Brady Sr. Blech.

God Bless Archbishop Cordileone.

Anonymous said...

How can we get a solid upstanding Archbishop like that in Boston?