Friday, May 29, 2015

Cardinal Kasper Claims Irish Referendum Will Make Civil Unions Central to Synod

This revelation almost gives consideration to a more sinister motive for the silence from the Holy See.

Maybe if we come up with the theory that gay sex is the cause of global warming, the Holy Father would stop building Mapplethorpe in Vatican City.

It sounds like they're going to attempt to flush the entire Catechism down the toilet.

a new “theology of love”: sexuality as a precious gift of God, as itself an expression of love
the Church's acceptance of homosexual unions
the Church's listening to the voice of the Baptized in moral questions
sexuality as basis for a long-lasting relationship

There is no other way to say it. Positively demonic.

If the Holy Father sends this out into the world, he's a no good so and so.


'DIS & 'DAT said...

Here's my speculation on what will happen (if this happens).

The Church will be divided into at least two parts. One part following the Pope Francis would become larger than the Church is today as Protestants will, by Papal dictate, be declared Catholics. The Catholic religion will become the dominant religion in the world. And then there will be a small minority, no more than 10%, who will with the help of orthodox Cardinals and Bishops set up an underground Orthodox Catholic Church with a new Pope. Let us pray this does not happen.

Here is Saint Peter Chrysologus with words relevant to today's situation:

"We are being towed along by a world that passes away, forgetting the world to come. We are greedy for present things but do not take into account the coming judgment. We will not run to meet the Lord as he comes...

Let us turn back, brethren, let us turn back... By the very fact of his delay, of his still waiting, our Lord proves his desire to see us come back to him, his desire that we should not perish. In his great goodness he continues addressing these words to us: «I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked but would rather he would change his ways and live» (Ez 33,11). So let us turn back to him, brethren, not fearing that time is running short. The time that belongs to time's Author cannot be shortened. The proof of it lies in the criminal in the Gospel who, at the moment of dying on the cross, got away with his pardon, grabbed hold of life and, breaking into paradise like a burglar, managed to make his way into the Kingdom (cf. Lk 23,43)!"

Michael Dowd

Repentant Pharisee said...

Anyone who doesn't see the writing on the wall at this point, is either not adequately informed of the goings-on, or has their eyes willfully shut.

Even supposing the Holy Spirit prevents the assertion of a falsity as true, and doctrine remains officially intact, the eyes and ears and minds of countless souls are being dragged into the netherworld of this diabolical disorientation. The wrath of God is falling, and He's going to teach us all that we don't get to rearrange His Church like Aaron coming down from the mountain to craft a golden idol for the mob. The heretics, the bad shepherds, need our prayers. Their accountability is a fearsome prospect. We will be accountable, too, for the ways in which we are culpable. We will all be chastised.

JB said...

Man i'd like to get in the ring with this freak Kasper at this point. A Judas if there ever was one. People with this disordered inclination represent maybe 1% of the population. I never thought the Church would be close to being undone by homosexuality. it's a marginal issue really.

So we have the attempted normalization of homosexual sex, on the one hand, coupled with Francis basically saying Catholics are part of a world Christian Church which is not the Catholic Church founded by Jesus.

The Devil when he comes does not come with horns and a red suit. He comes as your friend. Your buddy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone here, but in my parish, the word "Catholic" is rarely used. All we hear is "Christian". Years ago I said to my husband that they are trying to level us until we forget any distinctions between us and only think of ourselves all (no matter what protestant denomination you are) as "Christian."

We already got the "baptism unites all of us" propaganda "homily" a few months ago. Yes. It is true that Baptism unites us. What the priest (who, by the way, has a doctorate in theology) failed to tell us is the rest of the story. Maybe he doesn't even know what the Church used to teach about that. One newly ordained priest that I once spoke to had never heard of the encyclical Mortalium Animos.

Anonymous said...

"I never thought the Church would be close to being undone by homosexuality. it's a marginal issue really."

Do some research on St. Peter Damian and "Liber Gomorrahianus."

Jack O'Malley said...

It doesn't matter what happens at the synod. The issue is not divorce and remarriage. It the the sodomite agenda. Once the sodo's are out of the closet in the Church, the other agendas can be advanced: priestly celibacy (why should lay sodomites be permitted to marry and not presbyteral sodomites?) and female ordination (why should a lesbian not be ordained if a male sodomite can be?)

There has been a de facto schism ever since the mid 50's. It preceded V2 but was exacerbated by that council and its "spirit".

The Roman Reformation. It happened. It has won. Sic transit Gloria Dei.

Michael Dowd said...

Sounds like you think the show is over Jack.

TTC said...

No question this is the lavender mafia attempting to absolve themselves by having Pope Francis declare sodomy is a virtue. All signs point to Pooe Francis putting the power of his papacy behind their heresy. I doubt his election was a coincidence to the formal attempt with the synod.

But Pope Francis is not the political leader he has tried to turn the papacy into. He is burdened by the Truth. All they are doing is revealing themselves as a wolf.

Are you surprised by any of them? As you mention they have been out of the closet locally for years, doing damage in their little fiefdoms for a half century. It is a crying shame they were able to elect a collaborator but whatever. Many are prepared to give him a run for his money and the God of surprises will have a few for him after he puts on his shit show at the synod.

Are there more of them than I thought? Not really. But the devil never ceases to surprise and disgust. And it looks like the next few years are going to be corkers.

The more we resist, the less damage they will be
Able to do. Grab your children and loved ones, ministry, grab a parish, grab a priest and stand up and fight off the demons that they intend to multiply and unleash upon us all. They have no power over us unless we give it to them.

Anonymous said...

they didn't win, God allowed this to happen, but HE is in control, and they will fall in the end. We have to hold on to God, and wait.

"Grab your children and loved ones, ministry, grab a parish, grab a priest and stand up and fight off the demons that they intend to multiply and unleash upon us all. They have no power over us unless we give it to them."

Lord give us strength, we will not yield. Come Lord Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I'll be blunt: Since when has the Vatican or the Catholic hierarchy as a whole been willing to be held accountable for anything? They act like a protected caste, and the faithful have been intimidated for centuries into treating them as such. If the clerical sex-abuse crisis that broke at the turn of this century -- and which has been simmering for at least a millennium; just look at St. Peter Damian and "Liber Gommorahianus" -- proved anything, it proves my specific point. Catholic leaders have viewed themselves not only above the faithful and the legitimate use of state authority but also above God Himself! The chickens not only are coming home to roost. Their going to build condos!