Monday, May 18, 2015

More Good News: Pope halts publication of screwball climate change encyclical

Sandro Magister broke story which claims Pope Francis had concerns it would be theologically debunked by the CDF.

Griping about contraception and moral theology completely shut down catechesis.

And griping is exactly how we can shut down the resurgence of Woodstock and Mapplethorpe.

Grab a ministry, keep watch over it and have your poison pen ready.


Anonymous said...

Thank God and the Tenth Crusade!

Mother Earth will not be declared dogma!

Not until Governor Jerry Brown is Pope.

The wiccan nuns will be disappointed their
theology of their natural feelings and Ophra interview paranormal quotations just went under the bus!

Anonymous said...

The papal spokesman denies such:

Father Lombardi: Eco Encyclical on Track for Expected June Publication

Speaking to the Register, the Vatican spokesman dismissed a claim this week that doctrinal concerns about the encyclical’s draft text have derailed its publication.

National Catholic Register 05/14/2015

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The National Catholic Register is in the tank for Francis and that Lombardi is trying to save face, Or, Lombardi doesn't have the foggiest idea what's going on. Remember, this is the same jackass who said that the sex abuse crisis was solely a U.S. problem. Riiiiiiiiight....

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why we fall for these things. So we can be more disappointed when the encyclical comes out as scheduled?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

He had concerns that it would be theologically debunked? Why didn't he have concerns that errors might exist within the thing? Is he more concerned about the errors themselves, or the discovery of them?

Anonymous said...

From this morning's news in Rome:

TTC said...

Sandro has always been a solid news source. If this story turns out to be bogus, he better watch his step. Somebody is feeding false stories to folks they suspect are stoolies to see if Sandro publishes.