Friday, June 5, 2015

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Pope Francis did not approve of Cardinal Kasper's plan. No, no.

He simply told Kasper to present it and afterwards publicly stated he was satisfied with what was said.

But the Pope did not approve it. Heavens no. Why that would be preposterous.

Sir, there isn't a Catholic in Christendom who is in a state of grace who doesn't recognized this as deception.


TLM said...

The next part of Raymond's interview with the 'good Cardinal' is next week. I myself was shocked at the 'hard ball' interview. It was a sight for sore eyes from EWTN, as until now, they've seemed to be of the 'see no evil, hear no evil' camp. I thought Raymond was relentless. It was wonderful to watch. Would make Mother Angelica proud, as I've seen her chew dissident Bishops up and spit them out on National TV years ago......more than once.

That all said, of course he lied, and Raymond kind of pointed that out to him. It was great!

TTC said...

Raymond has stayed the course! He does a great job, God bless him.

He must be going out of his mind with the badtardizing going on at EWTN v
By the sophomoric theology of converts...

Anonymous said...

Was I just listening to Hogan's Hero Master Sergeant Schultz or Cardinal Kaspar???
"I know NOTHING!"
"It is somebody else no no no NOT ME!"
"And I will say NOTHING about other German bishops"
"Because as know NOTHING about other bishops!"
"I already explained they are not me and I no NOTHING about
them and I recall NOTHING about me for I know NOTHING!"
Me? no. no. no. I know NOTHING!"

TLM said...

I'll tell you one thing for sure.......Mother Angelica would be PROUD of Raymond. I have watched her in years past take dissenting Bishops apart limb by limb. Wouldn't be at all surprised if somehow, she was behind the 'interview'.