Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fordham University Theology Chair "Marries" a Man

The Jesuits thought this guy's theological morass was the place they wanted to lead Catholic students.

A macabre example of the decades of malpractice by Jesuits.

I was speaking to a Catholic friend who is desperately holding onto the delusion that Pope Francis' appointment of Cardinals Kasper and Marx to lead theology on the family is naive booboo.

I asked him.

If Cardinal Kasper had spent his life encouraging people to litter the earth and pollute the ocean, do you think the Pope would announce to his see that Kasper's theology was outstanding and needs to be spread into the world?

If Kasper gave a speech to his see of Bishops about the pastoral value of seeing virtue in throwing cigarettes and empty booze bottles into the ocean, do you think for a New York minute the Pope would have stood up and applauded?

If he had, you'd think a mad man has been set loose.

Which is precisely the same conclusion many have painfully reached after observing him hand-pick a Cardinal who has spent his vocation teaching children to defile the temple of the Holy Spirit with the virtue he sees in sodomy, and asking his see of Bishops to teach this instead of the 2000 years of moral theology. What is put into the the sexual orifices of our children is much more important than what is thrown into the ocean or onto the ground.

Pope Francis, and in fact the entire order of Jesuits, know perfectly well how to exclude teachers who convey ideas of the father of destruction.

This is why you never see them appointing a warmonger to the peace and justice commissions. This is why there isn't a school or apostolate or dicastry in Christendom with a litterbug appointed to head the science department. They know perfectly well that were they to do so, they would make a mockery out of the respect for the environment we are teaching at home and would ultimately result in more children littering.

The same holds true for appointing a man that tells people to see adultery as virtuous. They know the outcome of that action debunks and mocks moral theology we teach at home. They are dividing and fracturing our children from Catholic moral theology like a vulture following the farmer planting seeds.

They are the world's leading experts in the practice of picking people for the ideas they teach to bring about the result of children believing and practicing those ideas.

Pope Francis hasn't appointed anyone who is preaching we should all resist recycling. That is intentional. He doesn't want the appointment, and the subsequent preaching to resist recycling to damage something he obviously cares about.

The same logic holds true when he has a Cardinal on his hands that is teaching his nation that breaking the commandments is virtuous. If a pope didn't want people to think breaking commandments is virtuous, he would not appoint such an individual. He would not invite that individual to teach his see. He would not sit in the audience while the individual conveyed those ideas. He would not follow the conveyance of the idea that adultery is virtue (at his invitation) with applause and instructions to distribute the skullduggery to his people on the parish level.

Nobody could ever convince anyone sane that he has the wherewithall to protect the earth from the appointment of litterbugs but he would expose his children's bodies and souls to the polluted ideas of Cardinals Kasper and Marx.

If it were an unintentional flaw in his intellect and reasoning, you would see him packing up the popemobile with dirty diapers and dumping them into the Mediterranean.

But as it stands, there is very little room to conclude anything other than the Holy Father desire to leave clean dirt under the feet of children following Cardinal Kasper's teaching that adultery is virtuous and to ensure clean air for those suffering the ill effects of the reception of the Blessed Sacrament in a state of mortal sin from the heretical theological environment he is hammering into every home.

It's very important that people attending Elton John's gay wedding have clean air to breathe. But what is even more important is a Pope that creates a theological environment that would have debunked the Catholic SCOTUS justices understanding that the Pope believes gay marriage is ok. He had 2 1/2 years to debunk the theological environment being promulgated on his behalf. He did not do it. Though he was begged.

The temptations and consequences that resulted from the theological environment is catastrophic to life and liberty, religious freedom and salvation. He has, to this day, said nothing.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to an aphorism my mother used to use when she knew I was lying to her: You can't bleep the bleeper.

The Holy Father reportedly said that the Church should limit the terms of Its Popes. I love the first comment on this thread:

Ready when you are, Holy Father. Let me know if you need help moving


Anonymous said...

The American Catholic Church is not to be confused with the Catholic Church in America, they're 2 very different Religions. Onward Roman Catholics in America! Let's test the Constitution > Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Left-footer said...

I have not yet despaired, only because I know it is a deadly sin, and that hope is a necessity, but (like you, I think) I am horribly angry.

I wish that the current hierarchy were 50 years older. Not necessarily dead, of course, but 50 years older.

God bless!

M. Prodigal said...

Keep in mind that while the corruption in the Church is high and not let the devil's weapon of despair gain a foothold on your heart. In the end, the pope will either uphold Catholic truth, which he is not doing in a discernible way at this time, or he will die. But the fallout of allowing wolves in shepherd's miters guard the flock is confirming millions in their sin. Damnable.

TTC said...

Chris and M Prodigal - thank you for reminding all not to sink into despair. I tend to see my regular audience as immune from the peril of despair because they're grounded in Sacraments and Truth--but it would seem I should be more careful if two are mentioning it!

Anonymous said...

There are still some great priests and leaders in the church. There is a website and twitter feed called Denzinger-Bergoglio. The charter of these diocesan priests is trying to keep things sane in light of the mess we find ourselves in.

While I am hesitant to use the word pastoral these priests claim to be providing pastoral care for the flock (in the historical sense of the word) and seems pretty solid from what I have read.

Also, wrt despair, really no need for despair we know who wins in the end.

Michael Dowd said...

I think the Pope is primarily interested in improving material conditions especially for the poor via his belief in the heretical Liberation Theology. The Jesuits have been engaged in this socio-political activity especially in South American since the 1980's. This has been written up quite well in Malachi Martin's book: 'The Jesuits'.

Many Jesuits promulgate heretical beliefs about the faith and have been doing it for years. Effectively, many of them have lost their faith in Christ and His Church and seek material solutions to mankind's problems. What we have now in the Catholic Church are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Should we despair? Of course not. Christ will be with us to the end of time. And as the situation continues to deteriorate and the abscess of heresy growing larger and more obvious more folks will see what is really happening, so accordingly will not be fooled by misleading and ambiguous rhetoric coming from the Vatican.

JoAnne said...

Priest-bloggers - is that really their vocation? We have countless bloggers of all stripes in every topic and of every viewpoint. People need HANDS ON priests IN TOUCH with parishes, communities and families. We need THE MASS and the sacraments. We need DAILY masses by devout men of holiness. We need examples of courage and charity and virtue, up close and personal!!! We don't need more bloggers, speeches or books!!!

Michael Davitt said...

TTC - "The Holy Father reportedly said that the Church should limit the terms of Its Popes. I love the first comment on this thread."

I SECOND that motion!!!!

Anonymous said...

More and more it seems evident that somebody at the Vatican consulted the Mother Love psychic hotline and was told to stick this man into the papacy regardless of voting results...Even HE doesn't believe in himself...