Friday, July 31, 2015

Planned Parenthood seems to be filled to the rafters with savages and sociopaths

Video #4 gets behind the scenes to reveal two savages hovering over the baby they just murdered and squealing with delight as they rip him apart.

The two of them are giddy as the doctor squeals "it's a baby" and the medical assistant announces "it's another boy".

I've wondered all these years what kind of a person could work at a place that kills babies. Watching the video, it finally dawned on me. "My God, they are sociopaths. Of course. How stupid could I have been all these years. The kind of people who kill babies for a living are savage sociopaths".

And the sociopath in the White House is worried about the death of Cecile. The lion.

If that is not an indictment of darkness of his soul, nothing is.


Aged parent said...

You've hit it. They are indeed conscienceless sociopaths.

JB said...

This is evil like you see in The Exorcist. Nothing less. Cackling, Satanic, pure evil.

TTC said...

Shame upon the Pope for his farcical waltz around the dead bodies crybabying about litter bugs.