Friday, August 21, 2015

Jesuit Priests at Boston College entrap students into murdering babies at Planned Parenthood.

A few days back, Crisis Magazine exposed how much rope the hierarchy of the Catholic Church have given Jesuits at Boston College during their 50 year reign of slaughtering souls.

In fact, at the same time Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM Cap, Chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued a statement decrying the “throwaway culture” that has “enslaved the hearts and minds of so many” through abortion and the selling of “fetal tissue” at Planned Parenthood, students enrolled in the sociology internship course at Boston College, one of Boston’s premier Catholic colleges, were encouraged to apply for internships at the Planned Parenthood League of Greater Boston.

I'm sure you have all watched the most recent video exposing Planned is so upsetting that I actually struggle to find the right words here, but our worst fears are true. The children are alive when Planned Parenthood employees plunge scissors into their tiny bodies to take their brains and organs.

Planned Parenthood's body parts business trains people to harvest organs from babies that are breathing and moving.

And the Jesuits have set up an internship programs at Catholic schools to ensnare students into the barbaric murders of children.

This really brings the asinine priorities of the Pope Francis papacy into the light, doesn't it?

I mean, with the library of complaints of corruption and malpractice against the order of Jesuits, this guy is running around trying to rid the Church of religious orders who say the Latin Mass. With the library of videos of the government funding the torture and dismemberment of live babies and the body parts business - the crusades of his papacy are against litterbugs.

After watching these madmen and infidels in Christ's priesthood slay souls for decades, the Holy Father has put peacock feathers on them for clapping fornication pride parades in St. Peter's Square and has spent two years asking us to clap with them.

Weeks away from explaining to our children, once again, that they need to listen to the prophets of this fifty-year diabolical poop show, he tells the press he doesn't have the faintest idea what the gripes against him are all about but he plans on listening to see if he can do something about them.

Please.  You are talking to people with mothers who taught them that actions and inaction speak louder than words.  You gave the demons jet fuel and set them loose in our families and homes and Church and world.

You want to do something about it?

Make a pit stop in Boston and stop by Morrissey Boulevard to pick up Boston Globe reporters before you go to Boston College to physically escort Fr Leahy out of Boston College.  Tell the press the era of liars and murderers forming minds and souls at Catholic Colleges has ended. Tell them the internships murdering babies was Fr Leahy's Waterloo. Tell them the salvation of souls means more to you than the dirt under your feet and the plight of bumble bees. Tell them it is safer to leave children in the hands of rapists than a priest who lures them into a life of unrepentant sin and murder. Tell them the reception of the Eucharist in this state physically feeds sin and strengthens the bonds to the devil and you will not rest until you remove every blasted one if them because that is your job.

Then get on the plane and change up the family circus you have planned in front of our children's eyes. Make every word that comes out of your mouth and the mouths of the people you appoint, lead them to sanctifying Grace. We don't want to hear another syllable about your edicts about caring for plants. Keep your commie ideas and your gaga for commie leaders out of our country and Church.

That is what you can do.

The Jesuits are luring students into internships to murder babies alive to harvests brains and the Chairman of your prolife committee has been in charge of his supervision and granting him license with the good old boy nudge and wink network and the inaction is your crown of accountability.


Lourdesman said...

Join the Catholic Refugees. Maybe your beginning to learn.

TTC said...

Beginning to learn what?

Do you realize you are talking to a mother who experienced countless attempts to demoralize her children's minds for three decades?

I am painfully aware of the devil's presence.

You have been reading long enough to know the last thing I am going to do is leave Christ's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

You are not in a refuge. You have fled like a coward and you are promoting priests without faculties to absolve sins and perform confirmations and marriages.

TTC said...

We have prelates and episcopal sissies luring children into barbaric procedures on live infants and you are inviting me to flee?

Are you from the Chancery?!


Aged parent said...

Beautifully, powerfully spoken, TTC.

JB said...

Arrupe destroyed the Order basically. Corruptio Optima Pessima Est as they say.

Anonymous said...

O'Malley is a prelate in absentia, he should be removed. His oversite, or lack thereof, have enabled the shenanigans at BC, Arch St, St Celia's, etc, etc, etc. The laughable Disciples in Mission program is turning our parishes into protestant meccas; we are shepherdless.

M. Prodigal said...

You are asking these prelates to man up and be true disciples of Christ? Tall order: you have to put human respect and even your life on the line. Most of the hirelings will not do that...

Anonymous said...

I know he is a hot button issue, but Fr. Feeney knew long ago that the Jesuits were on their way out.

No, I am not a member of any St. Benedict Centers. Just making an observation prompted by the poster who said it began with Fr. Arupe.

Damask Rose said...

I don't know the Catholic Church is going to crawl out of it's own pit...

TTC said...

Rose, What?!!! Yes you do. You absolutely do. This isn't flying by the seat of our pants. The Incarnation gave us every step of the plan. Christ's Church follows the three years of His public ministry. Exactly. Every character is portrayed by one of the Apostles and followers or one of His enemies.

Where we are is anyone's guess but it is all there. The Judases and Apostolic cowards, the idiot in the White House and his kangaroo tribunals and soldiers murdering us all in the Middle East. We are going down baby. But we absolutely know the ending. The gates of hell do not prevail against the Church. The Sacraments will not be completely snuffed out in the world before His return. That is His promise. He told us everything to do while it is happening. It's all there.

StevenD-Jasper said...

I think Donald Trump understands evil better the pope or Omally:

Anonymous said...

TTC, You've just about nailed it all down and explained how life is these days. The only thing I'd add is the Rosary. And just to piss Francis off, you can even count your Rosaries too.

Anonymous said...

The whole situation has been laid our for us, read these

The Pope and the Antichrist by Cardinal Manning
The Apocolypse of St John By Rev Berry

Rome may be on the verge of apostacy however the Catholic Church will survive, the gates of hell will not prevail. We must be faithful until the end and not over react.

Anonymous said...

Carol, maybe you can write something for those of us who are not in good dioceses. Unless someone has access to an FSSP/ICK or other indult parish, where are we to go? How are we to conduct ourselves? And how are we to shield ourselves from imbibing the errors and heresies? I know from personal experience how a Catholic, being in a parish that is bad, without even knowing it, can soak up the poison. You don't know it has been affecting you adversely until one day you find yourself thinking differently and wondering how it happened.

Presently, I am sitting home on Sunday. That's how bad everything is. As soon as I walk into the vestibule and see a picture of Francis, it's all over.

TTC said...

I'm so sorry things are that bad there - I've been thinking about your comment and will put a few thoughts together and do a post.


Anonymous said...

Until the words of the Consecration have been changed the Mass is valid, "This is my Body, This is my Blood". No one should sit home on Sunday, that's exactly what the devil wants. It's difficult sometimes and in the above all the time but we can't be chased out of our home! Stand up, kneel down do what your supposed to, as long as this words are said the Mass is valid. Everything else is clothing on the baby's back, not necessary - now is time to stand up, don't let them chase you from home!

TLM said...

Overreact Anonymous? Well, it's hard not to... It is a perfectly normal response to be as mad as H _ _ _ when the extent of the putrid stench from Satan himself is uncovered and happening not only outside of the Church but also INSIDE. As St. Augustine so rightly said: 'Hope has two daughters and their names are ANGER and COURAGE.' Yes, we must pray for perseverance and the Peace of Christ which He will provide those that are His faithful, but react we must. We may even have to go underground, but the Church WILL SURVIVE. We have Our Lord's word on it. Our Lady herself told us in several prominently approved apparitions that this would happen even up to the 'Papal shoes'. But I must say, it's one thing to hear the words and quite another to actually live them out.