Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pope Francis Ushers in Another Era of Theological Skullduggery and Sissies

It's hard to keep up with, nevermind process the theological skullduggery of the weenies, isn't it?

I'll sometimes read a title of a story and my soul screams please don't feed me any more rat poison!

Pope Francis empowerment of this cretin to peepee on the Magisterium does not go without notice.

And, with more details coming out about the Holy Father's slithering about to empower the antiCatholic Cuban communists, the disgust of righteous Catholics can hardly be contained.

And the hoodwinking about sin continues to march on. I think we need to stop calling the gathering and empowerment of theological perverts 'the Kasper proposal'. It was the Kasper proposal when Kasper was proposing all by his little onseys in Germany. When Pope Francis called Kasper and told him to propose the proposal, it became the Pope Francis proposal.

Our friend Janet seems thinks the exposure of Maradiagas' heresy could lead to its removal. I hope she is right.

I have my reservations.

Pope Francis picked this guy because he liked his ideas and wants our children to assume them. That is going to take coming out of the proverbial closet and letting the agenda rip publicly.

If you recall, Pope Francis himself said plans were long in the making and all were aware they will receive resistance but they are going to do it anyway.

They have been waiting for this moment for decades. The closer we get to the synod, the more they will pull apart the curtain and the rats will stampede.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Cuba, don't forget this from a decade ago:

Anonymous said...

so painful

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Let me clarify. I think his posts will be removed, but not because the Vatican repents of the error. They see and embrace it - that includes the pope. I think they'll remove the posts simply as a "damage control" measure, to keep us from shining the light on them - much like they did when they pulled down the English version of the "bimbo video".

Maradiaga is up front about his disdain for the Church and Her God. He makes no secret of it. Yet the pope retains him in his role while throwing Cardinal Burke to the curb.

How long, oh Lord? How long?

TTC said...

don't worry- I know you know they embrace error! Nobody acting in good faith would put this fox in the henhouse and then sit quietly by like a weasel.

The pressure has always worked--and I hope it continues to work. I just think as we get closer to the synod, they will have to be more open or they will never progress to the goal. There is only so much you can do on the sneak. I hope the noise level is so loud they retreat. But this is the opportunity they have been waiting for for decades.

Anonymous said...

Maradiaga is such FILTH !
In case the Pope needs translation: Maradiaga es un estupido mericon PUTA !
Luciferian_Miradiaga and SISSY_Cupich are unfit to be priests!

Consolamini said...

I just laugh and love it when I see you krazies all in a furor over our Holy Father. Most of us good Catholics just waited and prayed under Saint John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI for a Pope who would put us back on the the John XXIII and Paul VI Vatican II track. I read you and Janet and Les Femmes and Eponymous Flower and Rorate Caeli and the others every morning just to start the day a little bit better. Thank you for making the sun shine for me

TTC said...

You are most welcome. And here's the funny thing you little weasel. Most of the time I delete your emails without even reading them. But every once in a while, I feel like reading to get a huge boost of satisfaction in knowing there's a reservation in hell for Consolamini.

I'm sure I'll spend some time in purgatory for it!

TTC said...

All Janet, Les Femmes, Eponymous Flower and Rorate (that is some honor to be in with that crowd!) are trying to do is keep the people we love from following you into the snake pit!

breathnach said...

Carol, it's very compassionate of you to allow a few CommieSalami posts through. It's very therapeutic to harmlessly rant in working out mental health issues. I'd hate to think how his dog would suffer, if he lacked such an outlet.

TTC said...

Breathnach, Imagine sinking so low that your only cheap thrill is watching heretics disgust faithful Catholics? And then being stupid enough to announce your malady in the public square?

Anonymous said...

Consatansunderpants tells us it laughs, loves, and greets the sunshine - this corpse exceeds its limits!

Anonymous said...

We here at TTC talk not of a difference of opinion or preference between the dialectic of liberal versus conservative or pre versus post Vatican II but rather we live in Jesus and we oppose all that drags souls from Him unto damnation. This is all about the great divide between good and evil, truth and lies, light and dark; and The Tenth Crusade is pitches its tent firmly in God's camp!

Some delight in apparent victories for Satan. The destroyers are working in the vineyard but it is they who will be sorted out and burned forever! Their sheep's whole cloth disguise will engulf them in flames and their forked tongues will wiggle no more sissy tales!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I do exactly what Consalami, does but in reverse by reading A C****** P***** Comments knowing that if I disagree with Fr Butterballino then it's another day on the faithful Catholic track.

Anonymous said...

Consolamini's post reads like a chapter out of The Screwtape Letters.

TTC said...

WOW! That is exactly what he sounds like!