Saturday, September 19, 2015

Boston Pilot takes down Fr. Garrity's heretical rubbish and sheds some light on damaging mischaracterizations of Church teaching.

A few developments on this very serious situation.

First, the Pilot has removed Fr. Garrity's venomous and heretical rubbish. They also published a piece authored by Fr. David Barnes that sheds some light on Fr. Garrity's mischaracterizations of Church teaching and those who practice living each day trying to stay in a state of Grace.

It is a good faith attempt to defend Church teaching and practice. Fr. Barnes also published a very good and more personal response on his blog.

While Catholics were furiously writing and calling Fr. Garriry's superiors to tell them what they already should know, he boldly published an article in his bulletin caricaturing moral theology as a bunch of Archie Bunkers and anti-Semites and suggesting the synod may opine that Church teaching should not be imposed upon bright and sophisticated 'believers'. He said he is insulted by wrongheaded complaints that the Pope's assembly of heretics to persuade Catholics to commit adultery would confuse and lead astray. He ends his screed by saying when priests and bishops persuade people to disagree with Church teaching, it's incumbent upon us not to disagree with them.

A glutton for punishment, I clicked on a few links to see the extent of his spiritual malpractice and abuse and found this gem on abortion.

He caricatures Catholics who assent to Church teaching 'partisans' who 'stake out extreme positions' and advises readers not to hold facilitating infantcide against politicians. You can be sure if the politicians were legislating the killing of priests instead of babies, he'd be singing a different tune. He said abortion isn't moral theology but rather a public policy that is not a black and white issue, that 'our nation' is 'hugely split' and some Catholics 'think' abortion should remain legal, that we all practice shorthand way of assessing candidates 'through the prism of our own values'. He further explains that given all the circumstances around abortion, simplistic answers stated in a sound bite are not the kind of information on which to base a critical judgment about murdering a child.

Church teaching doesn't exist in his world. He is an apostate and he is leading souls to also disregard Church teaching when making judgments around right and wrong - even when it comes to murdering children.

It is outrageous that this man's bishop is giving him permission to be openly hostile to Church teaching and those who practice it at the very time we are calling his superiors to seek their intervention. The boldness of his venom is shocking.

What on earth are the bishops doing assembling a 'synod' about how to 'help' the family when they are empowering priests and lay people to teach our loved ones to ignore and contradict Church teaching?

This is not rocket science.

What faithful Catholic families need in this moment in history is faithful priests who teach our children these tools - right from wrong, sin from virtue, how to use the Sacraments and substance of Divinity in the Eucharist to resist temptation to sin with Sanctifying Grace.

On the other end of the spectrum, our families also need to understand we are not teaching 'rules', we are teaching 'healthy practices for the soul and intellect' - how the properties of sin affect the soul and intellect and how consuming the Eucharist during this very real spiritual conflict is a sacrilege that strengthens temptation.

A pope-run 'synod' where dissidents are given the forum to contradict Church teaching in the public square under the guise of 'helping' Catholic families is about as 'helpful' to us as 'planned parenthood' is 'helpful' to uncatechized women.

Pope Francis arrived in Cuba and said the Church needs freedom. I can appreciate this, but there is no greater need for freedom than the freedom desperately needed from the heresy and imprisonment of heretic priests in our parishes, schools, newspapers and magazines.

Church teaching has been under the siege of priests like Fr. Garrity for sixty years.

The Church needs to be freed from them. Our families need to be freed.


Anonymous said...

FR. Barnes's come back is a good start but Fr Garrity's words in print cannot be taken back. The damage has already been done in some families.
So, what is being done at the Pilot to prevent further heresy? What is being done in the local churches? I'm all for love, mercy and helping the poor but what's being done to " Make The Church Great Again"?

Ever mindful said...

Great article...keep shining your light