Monday, September 21, 2015

Cardinal O'Malley expresses gaga for Marxist terrorist Che Guevara

"Today we had the privilege and the joy to attend Pope Francis' Mass in Havana in the Plaza de la Revolución under the picture of his fellow Argentine Che Guevara. Hundreds of thousands of people from Cuba, and from beyond, gathered with the Holy Father for this great event," Cardinal O'Malley said.

How creepy is that. The communism at hand seems to be out in the open.

Keep your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

Creepy? You said it! Tomorrow will be a defining moment for this Country - can't wait to see The Popes reaction at the WH if they even show it. The Democrats are OUT. , now from Hillary Clinton Supports Unlimited Abortions Up to Birth, No Limits Even in the 9th Month. Hell hath no fury !

Anonymous said...

Carol, you must remember that the good careerist bishop will play along with any prudential papal initiatives, regardless of whether they contradict previous prudential papal initiatives. I don't believe Francis is a Communist. If he were, he would have to be an atheist because Communism demands atheism. I do think, however, that Francis is a moral idiot who governs the Church as if he's still in Latin America.

Hugh Lunn said...

Bergoglio and O'Malley are two peas in a pod. They prostrate themselves before images of tyranny, repression and revolutionary anti-Catholicism. The Castros boys had them eating out of their hands. They yearn for an Official Roman Catholic Church sanctioned and controlled by a centralized worldly authority.

TTC said...

They needn't yearn anymore. they have just publicly given it to them with the credo that they will serve mammon.

TTC said...

"We do not serve ideas, we serve people," added the pontiff.

Anonymous said...

Cd. O'Malley can follow Castro and Che Guevara over the cliff and into the fires of hell - I cannot stop him - but I will NEVER follow him into hell.

Those thousands of people were not gathered to honor Che or to praise the revolution - They gathered for the exact OPPOSITE reasons - Cardinal O'Malley please wake up and see what actually happened - it was good but not as you see it. Those people were rejecting Che, Fidel, and the murderous goddless revolution!
Those people still love Jesus and the Church that Che and Fidel tried to destroy!

The Revilutionary Plaza and the image of the Beast Guevara cradleing a Mass is an insult to The Holy Eurcharist!

Now come to America and be cradled and cuddled by Transtesticles and baby butchers invited by comrade Obama to greet them.

I reject Satan and his communist killers!

Cardinal Sean - I will pray that you because God wishes it so.

But what you said is very confused at best and just plain WEIRD!

Che was a child of God who choose to be a son of Satan - it is finished.

Let's pray that the other children of God such as the Castro's and our revolutionary clergy - return home to God .

Michael Dowd said...

Every day in every way things get a little bit worse. The Pope and his Cardinal friends are completely shameless in their yearning for political power. It makes no difference the kind of government it is. They need this kind of power as they have lost the credibility to persuade, especially true when it is secular issues and not religious one that tops their agenda.

Hugh Lunn said...

The Pilot is unhappy with comments on this story. For the record I'd like to post my comments deleted by the Pilot censors (if that is OK Carol):

Hugh Lunn •

What next for Cardinal Sean to praise: a Mass in Mexico under a massive image of Plutarco Elias Calles?

Hugh Lunn •

It seems the Pilot has become fond of some of the same methods as the
Castro boys and Che i.e., sending critical/dissenting comments down the
memory hole.

Anonymous said...

Maybe soon pictures of Che and the Castro Brothers will become mandatory in church vestibules - one on each side of Francis.

Anonymous said...

"It seems the Pilot has become fond of some of the same methods as the
Castro boys and Che i.e., sending critical/dissenting comments down the
memory hole."

Maybe they read a few pages from the CAF moderators' handbook. That's their method too. Too Catholic? Deleted. Suspended. Banned. And the marxists and other agenda-driven members are allowed to stay and spread their poison.

Anonymous said...

What if Pope Benedict held a Mass in der Furer Bunker under a large image of his "Fellow" German Hitler?
Che is another Hitler!
Hitler is something more than a "fellow" German - Hitler is a MONSTER!
Che Guevara is more than a "fellow Argintinian" - Che is a MONSTER!

Children are aware of those facts!
All true Catholics and all true Americans are aware of these facts!

Only a Nazi would praise Hitler and only a communist would praise Che!
Only a Nazi would be thrilled by a Swatztika and only a communist would be tickled pinko by a gigantic image of Che.

What were we told about the errors of Russia- to be tickled pinko by them?
No !
The Catholic Church has taught that communism is intrinsicaly evil and excommunicates all communists!