Sunday, September 27, 2015

In my entire life...

I have never observed a bigger bunch of bleepholes.

Scroll down to the second picture on this page and look at this moron.

When I would see them do something so profoundly stupid and profane, I used to ask myself "what is the matter with these people?".

I don't ask anymore.

These pictures are worth a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

Sacrilege! Sacrilege, after Sacrilege! No wonder I just don't feel the love & holiness towards this Pope. He's quite the Polititian and has got the media all over him, Hitler did too.

Anonymous said...

Linked to that is the photo of the Papal Mass Lector - the dandy mr Mo Roco.
His gay gifts to the Church must be his nipples.
One of his thong clad buddy could not resist one of them.
Cd Dolan has a big tent in NY - a 3 ring circus!

Michael said...

I'm not surprised. The cult of Bergoglio is worship of a golden calf.

Anonymous said...

WARNING: This photo is graphic perverted filth and not to be viewed by children - even though it is linked to a Papal Mass:

mr dandy mo rocco

scroll down to get the full picture

He would be most welcome if he was a converted sinner but he is not - he is a destroyer

Mike Hurcum said...

Just a little aside. It could be the synod is no longer or will no longer be relevant. Pope Francis has got what he wanted and will be content. He has taken annulments as divorces and got what he wants. Typical modern Jesuit.

Anonymous said...

The handwriting is on the wall. It is up to us whether we choose to read or ignore it.

There's much truth to the old and wise saying: actions speak louder than words.

If anyone here thinks that the Synod will run smoothly, think again. I believe things will get so bad, that we will all, at one point in time, begin to question whether Catholicism was ever true to begin with.

TTC said...

It's going to be bad, but only a fool would observe the bufoonery of Ciaphas and blame it on Catholicism!

StevenD-Jasper said...

This Pope and his Bishops are doing their best to demoralize the faithful. It's been tough lately.

Anonymous said...

One possible explanation for the Pope, Cd O'Malley, Cd Dolan and others is that they lack the GRACE.
Many here at TTC have more grace than these Cardinals.

So the good news is that WE can pray that God gives the Pope, Cardinals and priests the GRACE.

It is really hard to pray for them - a great penance for us to do.

JB said...

This means they no longer get what the Mass is. They are taking photos of a man about to be crucified. And they're not in tears. They look like adolescent idiots with no clue.

TTC said...


You took the words right out of my mouth.

Looking at that pic, it's hard to believe they even know what is happening, nevermind have ever practiced mystically praying themselves into Golgotha. It blows my mind.

Are they going through the motions?

I heard the priest who took a selfie of his face realizes what he did and regrets his actions.

At least there is hope for one!

Anonymous said...

Prayers do work! God does listen. Yes, the church in general has lost the meaning of the Mass. ( happy someone woke up) . Let's pray the synod of the "family" teach the importance of the Mass, let's pray our Priests Offer it in the most Sacred manor. The actions of many right now gives a child a hard time envisioning Christ Crucified. Let's pray from the bottom of our hearts the Mass be restored to its True meaning.

No clowns, no dancin, no TALKING! Christ is truly present on the Altar and always in the Tabernacle!

Anonymous said...


Do you know what's going on over at BCI? It's now listed as a private website.


TTC said...

M, they are having a little technical trouble. Prayers always help!

Anonymous said...

Glad they haven't gone the way of "Locutions to the World," LOL