Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cardinal Erdo's Opening Statement - TADA!

I don't know about you, but Cardinal Erdo's Opening Statement was a very pleasant surprise!

And I do mean very.

Crux seems to be caught a little off-guard and is painting the situation almost as if Pope Francis and the renegades are fighting to institute gay marriage and approve multiple marriages - and along came Cardinal Erdo to undermine him.

I don't know about 'dat. Seems possible to me that our messages could have been heard loud and clear, they have no intention of a repeat performance and the unified statement will be consistent with Cardinal Erdo's beautiful articulation of Church teaching. Time will tell.

Pope Francis opening statement today does give the wingnuts a little more hope, but when read in the context of his opening Mass homily, again, I am not so sure he's saying what they think he is saying.

There are a few doozies.

For instance:

Francis urged bishops at the start of a three-week gathering, known as a synod, to humbly empty themselves of conventions and prejudices. They should not "point fingers at the others to judge them" or feel superior to those with different ideas.

If somebody's 'ideas' are the same 'ideas' that are in the Catechism, those 'ideas' are actually 'superior' to Cardinal Kasper's 'ideas'.

In a passage that appeared to be directed at unbending traditionalists, the pope said bishops should beware the "hardening of some hearts, which despite good intentions, keep people away from God".

When an ordained man asks us to commit mortal sin, 'hardening of the heart' to those ideas is the appropriate response.

Did the Church's teaching on contraception keep me away from God?

It did. But that's the design of God Himself.

If a prodigal son runs away because he want's to get drunk and sleep around, the father doesn't invite him back by saying he will lift prohibitions and his household will 'accompany' him in drunkenness and prostitution so he will come back to the house.

It is the Church that questions itself on its fidelity to the deposit of the faith, so that it does not represent a museum to be looked at or only to be safeguarded, but a living spring from which the church drinks to quench thirst and illuminate the deposit of life,” the pontiff said of the Synod

The Deposit of Faith is based upon unchanging truth and it is the job of a Pope to safeguard and preserve the truth. If that makes him feel like a curator in our truth museum, so be it.

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but this might turn out ok after all.


Michael Dowd said...

Very encouraging. An answer to our prayers. Let us pray that he is given the graces of courage and fortitude to persevere.

Anonymous said...

I want to be positive but keep hearing In The back of my head, "Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing"

Anonymous said...

I read Cardinal Erdo's Statement shortly before going to bed last night. I slept very well.

Anonymous said...

In effect "one Cardinal General Relator's opinion" according to Italian Archbishop Claudio Celli at the Tuesday October 6th Vatican press briefing on the day's proceedings at the Synod ( ncronline.org/news/vatican/vatican-pope-reminded-synod-divorced-and-remarried-not-only-issue ):

Asked during the briefing about Hungarian Cardinal Peter Erdo’s remarks opening the Synod on Monday [October 5th] — which seemed to suggest there would no change on the church’s prohibition on receiving the Eucharist for Catholics who have remarried without obtaining annulments — the Italian said: “The discourse is open.”

Celli, who is the president of the Pontifical Council for Communications, said the Synod has just begun and at this point the discussions are “totally open.”

Anonymous said...

Do you really think they will actually put anything down on paper so a schism can occur? No. All will be Catholic on paper. In practice, however, it will be a different story. Think Vatican II.

TTC said...

TTC has left a new comment on your post "Cardinal Erdo's Opening Statement - TADA!":

I get that one statement could still be construed as the distinction between practice and teaching with the nudge and wink. Time will tell. But there is no question that so far, they are shutting the heretic bishops down. This ultimately will force them back into the closet where far less damage can be done to our families.

The firing of the jackass that made a circus out if his sexual debauchery was a setback. I am sending a list of names of gay priests acting up in Boston.

As one bishop said about practicing heresy, "If we open the door we may set the cat among the pigeons,"

Posted by TTC to THE TENTH CRUSADE at October 7, 2015 at 7:15 AM