Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Is Pope Benedict to Blame?

Our Bear has a report on another head-scratching Vortex!

I can't say I totally disagree with Mikey and our friends at Church Militant. These people should have been disciplined or defrocked a long time ago. But it was Pope Francis who lined these guys up and has been carrying their torch for close to three years. He was the architect of the synod and owns the outcome.

I am psyched to hear Mike finally articulating the serious nature of the problems with Pope Francis.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Your last sentence is true. In scolding Pope Benedict for the havoc he allowed to happened because of his resignation, Voris is unwittingly admitting that Pope Francis is part and parcel of that havoc.

S. Armaticus said...

When I first started watching MV, I thought I was watching 1/2 of Jim and Tammy Fae. I have since stopped watching MV, but am not surprised that it has come to this.

Critical thinking = zilch!

Anonymous said...

I am completely baffled by CMTV, yesterday CMTV went off on Benedict XVI and Pope St John Paul II. Today's vortex talks about not attacking the Pope... It's a little schizophrenic

Some of CMTV's programs like The One True Faith were instrumental for me. The Vortex seems to have lost focus and am not sure what to make of it anymore.

Michael Dowd said...

Since being banned for life from CMTV and stopping my contributions for being critical of Pope Francis, I was most heartened that Michael has been permitted by his Opus Dei handlers to finally lay blame where blame is due.

However, in disagreement, I think Pope Benedict was/is a good Pope and it is still a mystery why he "retired". Pope Francis on the other hand? Anyway, Michael is to be praised for his effort to try to place the blame where it is deserved. If he keeps this up I may try to have my ban lifted.

DJR said...

To me, it sounds like the people at CMTV are starting to panic.

TTC said...


I have been privy to some of your supportive communications to CMTV. I can't tell you how disgusted I am with their treatment of you. This is the same old cult-like bullying that ate the Legionnaires of Christ.

For an apostolate whose gig is the criticism of corruption of everyone underneath the Pope, their treatment of you is beneath contempt.