Saturday, November 21, 2015

Church Remedies When Pope is as Mad as a Hatter.

This is a very interesting article on Restoring Catholicism (similar name to Janet Baker's blog) on Church history in times when a Pope is leading Catholics into heresy and sin.

 Most of us have never had the misfortune of being in a situation that required knowledge or even curiosity about the topic.  While we are all waiting for the papal synodal shoe to drop, the process for the removal a Pope has very quietly (and reluctantly) been a topic of discussion in Our Lady's cavern--i.e.- how his see would go about that tragic process.

Some of my questions were answered in the article.  It doesn't hurt to process the worst case scenario.

Pope Francis' peculiar conversation about lutherans having access to the Sacraments of the Catholic Church got some good coverage at Fr. Z's here and here, and some fun here.

It could be the Pope's thoughts were to convey to the woman that the Lord may be calling her to conversion, I don't know.  Like everything else he's intended to convey, what he did say is scandalous because it left that woman and the world the impression it's open season for the Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

Several things in this exchange stuck out like a sore thumb.

Think about this exchange for a minute.

A samaritan woman approaches the highest ranking teacher in the Catholic Church and asks him to answer her question.

He tells her he is not the teacher, she is, and to go figure it out herself.

This is quite a loaded gun.

He seemed to be saying he doesn't have the authority to make judgments about the infallible teachings of the Church and teach them.

There's a deposit of faith and the hierarchy charged with making judgments.  He's the man.

Furthermore, this completely contradicts the abuse of authority he's suggested he has to issue the an edict to obstruct and contradict Church teaching on sins against the Sixth Commandment and salvation.

Frankly, there is still a shred of hope that the Pope will affirm Church teaching and I'm still holding onto it under the aphorism that nothing is impossible with God.


Aged parent said...

"A samaritan woman approaches the highest ranking teacher in the Catholic Church and asks him to answer her question."

A brilliant summation of the problem with this man.

Michael Smith said...

Cue REM: "That's me in the corner, that's me in the spot-light loosing my religion." Thanks Frank.

Michael Dowd said...

Yes, and hope springs eternal along with who am I to judge.

Somebody has got to tell Pope Francis that he is de'judge. But he likes being a comforter better as proclaims, mercy is my business. As if to say truth has no place in the Catholic Church. What a mess!

Michael Lofton said...

Even if the best case scenario that pope francis reaffirms the teaching and doesn't give permission to local episcopal conferences to act contrary to this teaching, he has already unleashed many scandals, given people the impression this is open for debate and emboldened heretics. To even discuss this issue at a synod is an automatic loss as it gives the impression doctrine can be undermined in practice.