Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On Obedience to Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope Suggesting Unfaithfulness to God

Our friend Janet has an outstanding reflection on right judgment when a priest, bishop, Cardinal - and yes even Pope - is teaching disobedience to God.

Until this Pope took the helm of the ship, I never realized how precious the gift of right judgment is and how lost people are without it.

Some people can't seem to -- I'm guessing because they don't want to -- make the distinction between the people accountable for teaching the practice of the law and the law itself and what fidelity to God is when a priest, bishop, Cardinal or Pope is teaching contradictions to the Ten Commandments.

Janet's common-sense post is a good read for the confused.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Carol, that's not my blog. The name is very similar to mine, but not quite. It is a good post, though. I just can't take credit for it. :-)

Anonymous said...

i'm not going to lie. im having a hard time reconciling whats happening with this papacy with papal infallibility and magisterial teaching. all it takes is one domino... i believe in unchanging truth, pope francis does not.