Sunday, December 6, 2015

Catholics Demand Offensive Muslims be Removed From Catholic University

You can just imagine the uproar if the tables were turned!

Who do these people think they are?

Catholic University is a training facility for Catholic evangelists, teachers, lawyers, social workers, policemen, fireman, politicians, business men and women, nurses and whatever else have you.  The University is there to teach every subject from a Catholic perspective.

If the Crucifixes offend you, get the bleep out.


breathnach said...

Cardinal Sean is conducting a poll of anti-Catholics and lukewarm, non-practicing, cultural "Catholics" on questions such as this. As soon as the results are in the Cardinal will take his sandals off, bow toward Mecca and worship in a mosque-that should settle it.

Kd said...

A book recommended in my church bulletin, believe it or not, is "Onward Muslim Soldiers" by Robert Spencer, very, very enlightening and scary. I'm afraid only intervention from God will save us now.

Michael Dowd said...

Excellent idea. But what do you think are the chanvrd of that happening? The Church has become so feminized, wimpified and secularized that they are embarrassed to admit what they even stand for. They are more ashamed than proud of being Catholic.

Maria said...

Catholic universities should return to accepting Catholic students only. The admission of non-Catholics has served only to further secularization of once Catholic universities. We all remember when Georgetown covered the Crucifixes at Georgetown.....

Anonymous said...

Catholic colleges should be 100% Catholic.
All faculty, students, staff.
If they wish to hire any poor person to mow the lawn that is OK with me but only if it is for a truly poor person or a traditional parent trying to feed a family. But poor Catholics get preference..
All faculty need to be true and practicing Catholics.
We deserve this and we demand this.
The college children need this.
And yes they are children until they stop tweeting and get a job!
And post the 10 commandments and a Crucifix in every room - especially dorm rooms.
Dorms should be labelled as "boys" and "girls" and should be far apart so much that any boy would look out of place in that area and could be apprehended and expelled from school.
And just like Liberty University I would encourage all students to be armed so that Obama's ISIS terrorists would not dream of entering campus.
The Catechism of Trent would be required reading and memorization of the Baltimore Catechism would be proven before a degree is given for another subject.
The only student groups allowed would be firearm safety club and The Tenth Crusaders!

Obviously i am having some fun dreaming but why not!
Why can't we have at least these things!
I demand these things of my bishop!

Steven Cornett said...

Who the protestors are is very clear; they are Muslims, and what they demand is dhimmitude. In this, they are very true to their beliefs and answer the question without doubt.

The question now is, " who do those running Catholic University of America think they are?"

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen these figures? I am only just learning about how Catholic Charities are being paid "by the head" by the State Dept to resettle refugees.

We are handing out supermarket cards by the handful every day to families in need in our parish - they're all vetted. Meanwhile, there are endless resources.