Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Good News from Rome--Lipstick on the Pig!.

My computer is busted again! The kids gave me a Dell Latitude last year and this is the fourth time on the warranty - what a piece of junk! I should be getting it back shortly and will be back in business. Meanwhile, I've been busy on home projects and Christmas, friends and family and hope you've all had a Blessed Advent.

There was finally a bit of good news from Rome.

They put some lipstick on the pig with the appointment of Greg Burke in Communications. While this is a very sound appointment, I am reserving any hope that his faithfulness to Church teaching will have any meaningful effect.

Anything is an improvement over the Fr. Lombardi/Federico circus, but as I understand it, Fr. Lombardi will continue to remain in his role and until we hear otherwise,there is no change in the employment status of Fr. Rosica.

There is also a peculiar appointment of Monsignor Tighe from the screwball Pontifical Council for the Culture. I know nothing about the monsignor but what i do know is, the ideas coming out of that Council have been the worst of the worst-sissified,effeminate, sexually exploitative of women, etc. This disastrous inculturation is being brought to the forefront of communications.

Remember this?

Wouldn't any reasonably-prudent person acting in good faith stay as far away as possible from the idiots whose soul inspired the sexual khardashianization of women at the Holy See?


Tom said...

More good news from Rome - From Sandro Magister's Settimo Cielo (Seventh Heaven):

Christmas letter: “Dear Dr. Sandro Magister …”

[“How I got my groove back” (rather, papal press credentials) by a papal pardon at Christmas]

The Holy See Press Office
Vatican City, December 9, 2015

Dear Dr. Sandro Magister,

I am pleased to inform you that from today the period of suspension of his accreditation at our Press is concluded, so that it will continue to benefit from our services.

Together with my colleagues, I warmly hope that good work and all the best in this time of waiting for Christmas.

Sincerely yours,
Federico Lombardi

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carol and TTC members!

I heard something encouraging:

We can be 100% sure we are with the True Church because during this time of suffering - The Holy Roman Catholic Church is resembling the Body of Christ Crucified - it is disfigured, bleeding, and suffering.
Satan's target would be the true Chruch -and obviously we are his target for crucifixion and death.

So maybe the Church is in a period of Passion.

And I do NOT mean the ecuministic extended global "church" some try to build (IMHO)

Obviously the SSPX is not mangled and disfigured and bleeding so go figure.... but I do wonder if God uses them as a tool for good since they do help carry the True Dogmas forward and I personally am helped by their recalling the Truths when I do not hear them so much in the True Catholic Church.

Someone said that this may be a time when Satan attacks the Church from WITHIN - and that when this finally fails and Mary triumphs - then Satan's future plan is the attack from outside (which is all he will have left) and that is the time of Antichrist and the End of Days.

Well these are just my thoughts from watching a lot of utube - but I hope it cheers people up at Christmas to know that this emptied, mangled , disfigured. bleeding, dying Church is still the place to be and that God has good reasons for allowing all this.

Also from utube I heard that schismatic Russia and Islam will oneday be converted to Catholicism.

So to friend and foe alike I extend love and hope.

I also pray for those within the Church who persecute Her - who disfigure the Bride of Christ with blasphemy etc. that you too will be converted like the Roman who lanced the Sacred Heart of Jesus was converted and saved.

Merry Chrismas to all good True Catholics, schsmatics, commies, masons, the elite banksters, and our dear Protestant, Jewish and Islamic brothers and sisters who will one day find our True Church and especially Merry Christmas to Carol and The tenth Crusaders!