Saturday, January 23, 2016

A video worth watching...

I have often admired Celine and Rene's devotion to each other, their faith in each other and our Sacraments. They preserved themselves from the temptations and evils that plague so many others in the music industry.

This video taken at Rene's funeral at Notre Dame Cathedral needs no explaining.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Absolutely worth watching...thank you so very much for sharing this. I do not even know who these people are, but their Faith is honorably and graciously displayed at this most difficult moment in their lives.

Anonymous said...

The only thing they did not follow the teaching of the church was they used IVF.

avila said...

Not sure if he was married in the Church for his first two marriages, but if so, did Rene get annulments for them? One article stated that Celine's mother was not happy about the marriage for a long time. Wonder why.

TTC said...


Interesting you should say that--I always thought it was his first marriage. Even at the funeral one would never know there were three of his other children from two different marriages there. I coudln't find any info on previous marriages/annulment. I believe they are Maronites. Isn't that one of the Catholic rites Pope Francis was gaga about that permits divorce a few times?

I saw the article you mention and a few others that noted marriage difficulties (which she affirmed). I also read that some of the music choices were songs Celine sang which were 'piped in'--like "All the Way". You know that great Liturgical Hymn of the Rite of Christian Burial--When somebody loves you, it's no good unless he loves you...All the Way.

Talk about getting robbed.

I feel sorry for celebrities. Few priests have the spinal fortitude or faith to even tend to your Christian Burial!

It is still a moment of a Catholic wife and mother struggling in grief and reaching out to Christ.