Sunday, January 24, 2016

POTUS 2016 Pundit Update

Something fun to look forward to: In a few short months, Barack Hussein and Michelle will be vacating our White House. Worth a vacation day to watch on television! I might gather a few friends for a goodbye Barack Hussein luncheon.

January 20, 2017 would be a day to organize a massive exorcism of the entire city. The priests have let the demons infest the world without restraint. I honestly think this is a major problem nobody speaks about. Every time Christ and the Apostles walked through a town, they focused on diagnosing the source of trouble and casting out demons was part of their daily routine.

I remember once in my naive days meeting with a bishop who I didn't know that well but thought was on the ball. I really don't remember the content (who could keep track!) but whatever it was, it was so completely nuts I knew it was not of human origin.

We met, I got right down to the wide-spread involvement of nuttiness. He was engaged, agreed something was rotten. I causally mentioned that I thought (knew would be a more accurate word for it) was not of human origin. I mentioned a few other things going on in the archidoicese and asked him why the diocese had not replaced the diocesan exorcist who had retired several years back. Said this doesn't seem like the time to be slacking on that front. Cleaning the locus of this city is a full-time job.

I saw the look on his face and thought to myself Whooooaaaaah baby! This guy is not a believer! I was shocked. Stopped my train of thought dead in its tracks for questions that went through my mind. Don't they teach them about this stuff in the seminary? They make people bishops who are this out of touch with the spiritual world? How could he get this far in his vocation completely unaware of the existence of this world and the burdens on the shoulders of his people he has the power to dispel and cure? It was like being hit by a truck. LOL. I had to pull myself together to wrap up the meeting and get out of Dodge.

Two steps from his front door, I dialed a priest adviser and relayed the story to him, asking him the questions going through my mind. He expressed his surprise that this particular bishop was clueless but then dropped the other shoe. He told me this was the case with most bishops and part of the reason why the Church and world was in such a mess.

Readers will not be surprised that experience put me on the kick to ask that Boston get the exorcist replaced. I reached out to every priest and bishop in the US I knew and asked them to help to reach out to their contacts in Rome. I reached out to a few contactsI had in Rome. I sent a nastygram to US Nuncio basically saying Boston has been without an exorcist for a few years, we are infested, you people have got to be kidding me, send help and do not send a kid, a moron or non-believer!

About a year later, a few priests in Boston told me one was in place and the person was well-qualified.

Wouldn't it be productive to fly about ten of them into DC on January 20th with 50 gallons of holy water and salt?

A woman can dream!

I haven't really paid much attention to the political pundits but note there were a few noteworthy things this week.

I found the brouhaha on NRO (National Review Online) positively fascinating. NRO has never struck the right chord for me. It's always come across to me to be a group desperate to be loved by the GOP establishment, selling their talking points in spite of the stupidity. I haven't followed this week's controversy closely, but I guess they organized a fatwa on Trump that backfired on them.

Their own readers are cancelling subscriptions - and here comes a shocker - the GOP has removed them as co-hosts of the GOP debate.

This is a huge deal. The NRO folks LIVED to be invited to swanky GOP events and be popular celebrities at the Dubliner. When they are in a room, the stink of self-importance emanating from their pores evaporates oxygen.

Most Catholic conservatives I know are not thrilled by the surge of the Donald, but every time Obama-backed rebels pulls a stunt and he articulates what we are thinking in the public square, more and more people are convinced he might be exactly the right dose of medicine the village idiots in this country need at this time in our history. The resistance Romney received is simply not present in anyone I have encountered. With every politically incorrect utterance, Trump gains traction among politically-conservative Catholics. Truth be told, it's surprised me. Given Trump's past history, I'm stunned.

I know a lot of politically-conservative Catholics. About 50% of them are behind Cruz. All have expressed that they will vote for Trump if he's the nominee. About 45% are directly supporting Trump and 5% are supporting other candidates, mostly Rubio. I personally wish Huckabee had more wind behind him.

Trump is playing on emotions of people who feel Obama has empowered ISIS around the world and in our own country and our survival is at stake. Playing emotions of frustrated Americans is exactly what the democrats did when they packaged Obama. Trump was smart enough to know the audience and he's done better than anyone expected.

What is even more surprising is the GOP seems to have their finger on the pulse of the largest base of voters and cut the cord to NRO. They historically have been marketing candidates to appease older wealthy tycoons.

I also found Sarah Palin's support of Trump fascinating. Sarah is no fan of the GOP establishment (and rightly so), but Trump does not strike me as her kind of candidate.

The press couldn't wait to return to the glory days of trashing Palin. After eight years of the stink of Obama, I don't think that's going to work for them but time will tell.

Palin and Trump would be an interesting pair, wouldn't it? Trump seemed to be exploring Scott Brown who is a proabort. Picking a proabort would send his campaign into a tailspin.

I like the idea of goodbye Barack parties. Morning Mass, a nice lunch while we watch them board the plane, some Adoration in the afternoon, maybe even a wine toast with dinner. I can't wait!

Update -- Just found this relevant piece from Douthat. I'm not sure I agree with Ross about Romney's demise, though I don't think his wealth helped him, Romney tanked because prolife Massachusetts Catholics had the goods on how Romney threw us under the bus. Prochoice, pro-socialized medicine, and anti-conscience rights. When we educated conservative wealthy Catholics and showed them the evidence, they withdrew their support and all they had left were political hacks who acted like asses as they were circling the drain.

Prolife Catholics have long memories and a significant voter block.


Michael Dowd said...

Good stuff Carol. I like the exorcism idea. It needs to begin at the top in Rome at the Vatican. Then here in the USA with all the Bishops, then on to the politicians in Washington, D.C. and so on.

I think Trump is the way to go. His deal is that he is a 'dealer maker' which politics is all about, i.e.,compromise. And he's a closer. He has guts, smart and is a Christian of sorts. On Cruz, no way. Cruz is a deal killer and shows no evidence of being able to compromise.

If Trump gets elected President he will have a huge enthusiastic constituency with many Democrats included. Lastly, I think there is also a large group of closet supporters who are somewhat embarrassed to say so considering Trump rather infra dig. Trump is worth a shot for sure and most refreshing to boot. Let's hear it for The Donald!

Anonymous said...

Exorcise Rome first, before Washington