Wednesday, January 13, 2016

St. Ziggy Stardust - Vatican's Patron Saint of any Orifice in a Sexual Storm

Here we were thinking Pope Francis' assembly of 'leaders' at the Vatican could not possibly outdo their freak show of projecting images of primates and elephants upon the Mystical Body of Christ in St. Peter's Square.

But alas, they rose to the challenge earlier this week with what is described as 'an extraordinary tribute' to David Bowie.

The Holy Father's newspaper caricatured Bowie as 'never banal despite his excesses'.

Is that what the Holy See is calling man-whoring now? 'Excesses'?

What does the announcement from the Holy Father's staff mean?

Drugging oneself and sleeping with men and women is 'not banal'?

The Holy Father's leadership team wants to give children the message that turning to any sexual orifice when aroused is nothing more than a little indulgence.

Look--I was a fan of Bowie's earlier stuff - when he was a little weird and his music creative, but when his theatrics turned vulgar and disgusting, the sight of him grossed me out - even as an immature 20-year-old.

God rest his soul.

But it stands to reason that it is inappropriate, not to mention irresponsible, for the Vicar of Christ's staff to reinvent years of selling sexual depravity, godlessness and the occult as the equivalent of indulging in a banana split.

And is it me or is this statement creepy:

But it said that aside from such "excesses," Bowie's legacy "is one of a sort of personal sobriety, expressed even in his dry, almost thread-like body."

I'm trying to reconcile what they are implying about the sobriety of the bunch of dried up fatsos at the Vatican.

An outstanding summary of the Vatican's tribute to Bowie at Crisis from Fr. Rutler - "A Misplaced Grief".

I won't even cite anything from the article because of the riches in every paragraph. Mandatory reading!

The'Vatican tribute' focused on the lyrics to the song "Major Tom".

I think the below Bowie lyrics are more appropriate - don't you?

Oh babies just you shut your mouth.

UPDATE--It should be noted that the Cardinal suggesting to children that the Vatican is now ok with drugging oneself into oblivion and having orgies with men and women is Cardinal Ravasi.

The ideas in Cardinal Ravasi's head were so appealing to Pope Francis that he appointed him to as the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

This is the culture is ramming into the souls of the people we love, into our families, homes and world.


Dymphna said...

So debauchery in your youth and ocassional blasphemy in your old age is okay as long as you are thin and can wear high fashion. Can you imagine Pope Pius X's Vatican officials daring to utter something like this?

breathnach said...

Our warped Vatican also sang the praises of, a perhaps more extreme libertine, Lou Reed a few years ago when he died of liver failure after receiving a liver transplant.Both Reed and Bowie were pioneers in androgyny and gender bending role playing and dark lyrical imaginings. The dark underworlds both men explored have now been mainstreamed by our spiritually sick cultural elites. In the mid 70s Bowie was so zonked out that for over a year in LA he lived on only cocaine and milk. He was plagued by paranoia and became obsessed with occult practices such as the Kabbala and was reduced to drawing kabbalistic symbols on his floors and walls. He consulted white witchcraft to ward off presumed attacks of warlocks such as his fellow degenerate Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Somehow both Reed and Bowie survived the drug infestation and were able to become somewhat more balanced, at least as individuals. Of course, they never renounced their nihilism.

At least Bowie and Reed had some measure of self awareness. They knew what they were doing and where they were going. Our twisted Vaticanistas attempt to use the darkness espoused by these pop stars as an appeal to the masses. If anything, that is even more depraved (and cowardly) than the former lifestyles of Reed and Bowie, because these deceivers are attempting to dress up nihilism as compatible with the Catholic Faith.

Michael Dowd said...

Maybe the Vatican thinks it is hip to have personifications of their vacuity. What we are getting is a 'People Magazine' rendition of the faith. Can it get any worse? You betcha!

Steve Dalton said...

Bowie now has a new rock persona: Barry Brimstone! He will never drop this one!

Left-footer said...

Needed saying and you have said it sharply and to the point! Thank you, and God bless!

JB said...

The fort has clearly been betrayed. I knew Bowie's music probably 10x better than this Ravasi buffoon. Some of it was good, Heroes especially, but even when i was young (my teens) I knew he was a pervert. When he died I was sad but had no illusions that this was some great saint that had just passed on. things keep getting weirder and weirder at case santa marta.

Anonymous said...

Get with the program everyone. Haven't you heard? Francis says it's time again (we heard this in the sixties so I guess we are now getting a remedial reminder) to put new wine in new wineskins. Don't be an obstinate idolator like those trads are. Be open to the "God of surprises." See Francis' homily for more pointers: