Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Do They Give Lessons on How to Write Patronizing Communications from the Chancery?

While writing to our brothers at the Chancery about this, I was reacquainted today with an old commissary: Our friend Mr. Patronizing Communication.

If I had a dollar for every patronizing communication I received 20 years ago, I could buy myself a new car. After breaking in so many horses at the Chancery, I hadn't received one for years.

First you send the communication informing them of the misfeasance. Once the patronizing letter arrives, you send another communication saying please don't send patronizing template letters out to faithful writing to inform you that something bad is happening - you repeat the malpractice and again ask them to put a lid on it.

Once you break through that ceiling, there's the grand finale of a gauntlet of several years of slander and threats.

Is this an onboarding skill taught by HR?

1. Here's the security code to get into the building.
2. Here's your desk and computer.
3. Here's your phone.
4. Here/s your 12 sling-the-BS template letters.
5. Here's your book of insults.

It could not possibly be a coincidence!

What is so hard about saying - Oh yeah, this is just wrong, wrong, wrong. The kibosh will be put on this and we'll make sure it never happens again.

After all these years, I still don't think they get the reason we are doing it is because we don't want the people we love to roped into their worthless pagan 'forgiveness' rituals.

It is so hard not to just cut to the chase: Giving lessons on 'centering prayer' to find 'forgiveness' is about as useful as teaching them to turn to jello shots for Sacramental Grace.

Here is an excerpt from my letter which you may find useful should this craziness show up in your bulletins:

I hope you will not mind my honesty, ___. This response is very much the response filled with platitudes and aphorisms that is given to the faithful when they are pointing out something is wrong.

Please, I beg of you, do not waste my time.

The author of this pagan practice is actually unknown and I trust you know it is a diversion from Sacramental Grace that is found in the "forgiveness" in the Sacraments.

Do you understand the mystical substance of the objection?

It completely undermines the treasures of healing found in the price of our salvation, and training them to find "healing" by looking for answers in the very substance of the soul that is wounding them.

These practices, when offered to priests, dribble down to the faithful, 99 percent of whom have not seen the inside of a confessional since their first communion.

The soul is a rudder of the intellect. You are leaving the soul to fester in its sickness and turning the intellect to seek its direction.

Who is picking the agenda for our priests?

Prayers for us in Boston...


Michael Dowd said...

Good idea Carol. Another approach is one I used from time to time at work which is outlined below. It is called DRAFT approach with a disturbing cc. list.

To: Potential problem solver.

Subject: Draft letter for review prior to distribution

Content: Blistering, fact filled summary of problem plus recommended solution.

Request: Please review this letter and let me know your comments which will be taken into considering prior to publishing.

CC: 1. Highest ranking officer (in your case Pope Francis)
2. Lessor officers (Bishops, pastor, etc.)
3. Local paper religious writers.
4. People who support your cause.

This approach is effective but must be used discriminately.

Anonymous said...

The reason for their patronizing letter is they really don't see anything wrong with the practice. They could be practicing it themselves. And the worst part is you cannot call to order through any other institution or officer simply because nobody cares anymore. That's how far paganism and new age have gone, they've infected the world entirely.
Only God can solve this, and us His soldiers make sure we remain faithful until His return, and warn as many as we can.

Seppe said...

Along those same lines, in his last blog post, Cardinal Seán endorsed "The Young Messiah" movie. Although I have not seen the movie, it appears to be the screen play of the heretical "Gospel of Thomas" where the young Jesus makes clay birds and then makes them fly around. In the film clip, the boy Jesus does not know that He is divine (which the progressives love to tell us...yet is clearly a heresy). Why would the Cardinal recommend this movie ?!? But then, who are we to judge?

Seppe said...
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M. Prodigal said...

In my diocese (I had to move away or risk losing my faith and that of my children), I wrote to the bishop about several things including an article in the diocesan paper saying that the laity would soon be able to administer the Anointing of the Sick. Can you believe that? So I wrote about that and the response was for the former bishop to ask my pastor to remove me from any activity in the parish. And I had a number of VOLUNTEER things going on. But the bishop only told the associate priest and not the pastor directly so the pastor did not do it.

So generally when complaining to a less than stellar bishop, all that will happen is that you will be threatened and bad mouthed or patronized. That bishop wrote me back and said I did not understand the 'spirit' of Vatican 2 or some such nonsense. I responded with quotes from the Catechism. Some bishops must think every pewsitter is an ignoramus. I am not.