Sunday, March 20, 2016

Republican leaders meet to try to stop...

With the Bolsheviks shutting down highways, freedom of speech and religious liberty, leaders in the republican party met to try to stop...DONALD TRUMP!

They are not worried about stopping the communism threatening to take our people into Dante's Inferno.

Their boogeyman is Trump.

Talk about being out of touch with reality!

This is so typical.

About two dozen conservative leaders met Thursday at a private club in Washington, where some pushed for the group to come out for Mr. Cruz to rebut the perception that the stop-Trump campaign was an establishment plot. “If we leave here supporting Cruz, then we’re anti-establishment,” said one participant, who could be heard by a reporter outside.

But the group failed to agree on an endorsement,

The circular firing squad assassinated every option.

Thanks fellas!


TLM said...

Like I've said before, the Republican 'Establishment' is having a collective nervous breakdown for the world to watch. They are actually siding with the Democrats to 'stop Trump' and are the ones that started #NEVER TRUMP. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, the guy I have lost every shred of respect for, and voted for twice, took to facebook to call Trump every name in the book, and then asking conservatives to back Ted Cruz. This, he said, would allow an 'open' Convention. In other words, he wants to effectively thwart the will of the American people.

Now, that said, I am no Donald Trump fan, but ANYONE would be better than Hillary Billary. I guess it comes down to......who sickens you the most, Trump or the 'Establisment Elites'? I am (amazingly) beginning to fear for Trump's life.

Michael Dowd said...

Ann Barnhardt thinks it all of this is like "professional" wrestling.

She has a point. Gorgeous (George) Donald anyone? Only in America, the entertainment country of the world!

Anonymous said...

This is about yet more of our ever waning freedom being taken away.

If they succeed in pulling this off, the USA is officially down the tubes.

I am sick and tired, and mad as all hell (enraged really) of being told how and what to think, who and who not to like, which words to and not use, etc. etc. etc.

Leave me the hell alone.