Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Supreme Court Responds to Little Sisters of the Poor

I just know Antonin Scalia helped with this one!

The high court on Tuesday afternoon asked lawyers on both sides to make new proposals on how contraception might be made available to female employees without involving the nonprofits themselves. There are seven cases that were consolidated into one, bearing the name Zubik v. Burwell.

Truly remarkable.

I believe at the heart of this response lies a complicated theological question that the justices are not equipped to understand and therefore, solve.

We can have no part in taking an action that effectively subcontracts others to commit an evil act that robs them of salvation.

We can't bait the village idiots into doing something spiritually catastrophic. That would be the antithesis of our existence.

A code could be developed that identifies the employer as a non-profit with religious objections. When the woman goes to the pharmacy, the code would identify the woman as eligible for the 'free' services.

Something like this would work because it keeps us completely out of the transaction. We don't have to sign anything that tells the people at the insurance company to conduct a search for people who are uncatechized, immoral, unethical and bait them into the business of flushing babies down the toilet. There is nothing in the set up that causes another immortal soul to do the deed on our behalf.

All we are doing is coding our insurance number to identify us as employers with religious objections.

Did you read Sotomayer's comments?

She said something like how could the government operate if they couldn't force people with religious objections to do something that forces them to lose their salvation?

That says a lot about the kind of 'government' they are erecting, doesn't it.

I digress.

My dear woman, there are plenty of soulless sociopaths lacking empathy to carry out all the murder and mayhem ordered by government bureaucrats such as yourself. Excusing handful of people incapable of obeying such orders, with the fortitude to tell you to go scratch your backside with a broken bottle, won't be a stumbling block to your sick agenda.

Look how far Hitler got. Neighbors who at one time would have you for dinner had no problems digging a ditch and lining their neighbors up in front of it and shooting them between the eyes.

Don't you worry your pretty little head. There's a sucker born every minute.

The handful of people will never obey your homicidal orders. Come what may.

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