Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis Doesn't Remember Footnote 351!

In his return-flight press conference this past week from the island of Lesbos, Pope Francis told a reporter who asked him about the footnote that he doesn’t even remember it, and lamented that so much attention has been paid in the media to that footnote - and, indeed, the entire issue of Communion for the divorced and remarried. Instead, he said, the media should focus on the current “crisis” in the family.

You wanna know what the current crisis in the family is?

With all due respect and charity, it is every time Pope Francis opens his piehole or writes something down without accepting the advice of the people who have the gifts to anticipate how content and syntax will be received as contradictions to Church teaching.

I find it impossible to believe that advice is not being given to the Holy Father, which leads me to the conclusion he is poo-pooing it.

“Don’t we realize that the falling birth rate in Europe is enough to make one cry?” he said, as translated by the Catholic News Agency. “And the family is the basis of society. Do you not realize that the youth don’t want to marry? ... Don’t you realize that the lack of work or the little work (available) means that a mother has to get two jobs and the children grow up alone?"

“These are the big problems,” he concluded. "I don’t remember the footnote..."

That would be because families have suffered 50 years of undisciplined heretical priests, nuns and lay teachers leading them from the Sanctifying Grace necessary for right judgment. And he thinks he's helping us out to summon the circus of clowns to help develop an illicit and meaningless document that expounds upon 50 years of spiritually lethal ideas?

Why do we consistently hear the message those who articulate damage done to their families means nothing to him?

The problem with the document is not just the footnote. But I'm a bit stunned that dust up in Christendom over the footnote is so insignificant to him, he has not bothered to put on the stink of his sheep?

How a pope, a priest, a parent or in fact any of us, articulates Church teaching is the most critical responsibility for teaching, sanctifying and governing.

If after you get done talking, millions of people think you are telling them it is ok to live in a perpetual state of mortal sin, receive communion sacrilegiously, lure your civil wife into committing sin because if you don't you will go out and lure another woman into mortal sin, use the Sacrament of Confession without the commitment to refrain from committing the sin when you get home, use contraception if there is a chance of having an imperfect child, dismiss the fiat of the magnificat because having children like gerbils is sucking too much oxygen from the planet, don't worry about going to Church on Sunday, your children should pick any religion they want - - etc, etc, -- it's time to look in the mirror.

The problem is not the people receiving the message.

Neither is problem those raising concerns are in love with the law. What we are madly love with our relatives and friends being lured to the base of Mt. Sinai by Pope Aaron into the friends with benefits tango. He who has cometh to release them from the 4000 year covenant of keeping the Commandments.

What is so hard about admitting this would be upsetting?

Our friends from LifeSite make some astute observations:

Indeed, to those involved in or following the debate, the fact that Pope Francis himself was apparently unaware of the controversial footnote, let alone the flap that it was almost certain to cause in the media, is bewildering, and provokes any number of uncomfortable questions.

For starters: If not the pope, who, then, was responsible for drafting and inserting that footnote? Were they not aware of its implications? How did the many advisors who undoubtedly read the final draft of the exhortation fail to understand the furor the footnote would undoubtedly provoke? And, finally, why didn’t they warn the pope that the errant footnote would almost certainly take center stage in the media, and distract from what he intended to be his central message?

Somebody read it and told him. He's responded to it with the same tin ear and razor tongue we've experienced for three years.


Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Everything he writes and says is confusing and ambiguous. His annulment docs confuse legitimate impediments to marriage with other issues that are NOT necessarily grounds for nullity. With this priest we are on one of those playground things that go up and down like a seesaw while turning around and around. We are all dizzy and unbalanced as a result. I pray for the pope, but I pray for the confused sheep more. The only way to respond is to cling to the unchanging doctrines and traditions of the Church and to beg the Blessed MOther for help. With one hand on my rosary and the other in her hand leading me to Jesus, I can't go wrong. As for this pope -- ai yi yi! God have mercy on us.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I think he has "Clinton memory syndrome" if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Another great door stop of a document from the V2 church. Like a complicated treasure map leading to a pile of Jesuit dog mess. The whole multimillion dollar synod was busy work to justify the money laundering. Bring on the Justice Jesus, we are driwning in Mercy.

M. Prodigal said...

Perhaps he does not remember because he did not write it? Didn't his friend the Archbishop who is the expert on kissing write most of this fishwrap?