Saturday, April 23, 2016

Priest doing that stupid thing where he walks up and down aisle during a homily.

A fun post for a Saturday morn.

According to reports, he’s doing that Protestant thing where he walks up and down the aisle, trying to get people excited and more engaged in the Mass.

Johnnie Carson used to do this, remember?

He'd go up and down the aisles with a microphone and play games with the audience. He was a great entertainer. Funny, funny man.

Every time I see a priest doing it, I think of Johnnie. I also think 'this is what this poor addlepate is doing instead of teaching people what's happening in the Sanctuary'.

At press time, Bunnell is squeezing through a tight pew to give a high five to a boy that said that Jesus meant that we should be nice to mean people and to love Jesus like the disciples did “in the times of Jesus.”

I'm so allergic to asshattery!

We don't come to be entertained.

Just take me to Gogoltha and dissolve into Christ. Let me keep the company of Christ, Mary and the Apostles, the angels and saints. Let me stand in front of the tomb as Christ emerges to be illuminated by the blinding Light of Divinity. Let me touch His Cloak and draw Sanctifying Grace. Let me intercede in prayer for my family, friends, the Church, the sick, the poor, uncatechized and persecuted Christians. Let me just huggle with Christ for 45 minutes.

That's how you get people 'more excited and engaged in *the Mass*".

Big weekend in my family, my grandaughter's original sin is being washed by the Blood of Christ in His Sacrament of Baptism. WooHoo! I will remember all your intentions in prayer.

(Always remember to bring an empty holy water bottle and fill it with the holy water of baptism. Powerful stuff!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grandma!

Michael Dowd said...

Agree on the walking monologue business. Reason I don't like it is because you have to move your head all the time to following him as he darts to and fro. Just not very liturgical. Congrats on your grand daughter's baptism.

susan said...

Congratulations indeed!....nice to hear some good news.

Don Richard said...

we have a Bishop here in Saint John who thanks people for being at Mass. Go figure I always thought it was an obligation.