Saturday, May 7, 2016

Head of CDF: Church’s teaching cannot be changed, and the exhortation did not do so.

Cardinal Müller spoke directly to arguments interpreting Amoris Laetitia as saying, in the words of the newspaper, that “the door has been opened for the remarried to be admitted to the Sacraments in individual cases.”

Is my recollection fuzzy, or did Pope Francis say "yes" when he was directly asked whether Church teaching had 'changed'?

I'm very glad Cardinal Muller publicly contradicted this error and affirmed Church teaching. He said something very interesting:

Speaking directly to footnote 351, the cardinal stated that the footnote was not speaking specifically about situations of remarried divorcees.

“Without entering into this question in a deeper way, it is sufficient to point out that this footnote refers in a general way to objective situations of sin, and not to the specific cases of the civilly remarried divorcees,” he stated. “Because this latter situation has its own distinctive characteristics which differentiate it from other situations.”

That spin probably took months-LOL-but I think they've found some chemotherapy!

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Anonymous said...

"One [Cardinal]'s opinion": I would have more confidence if it were issued as an official document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith rather than His Eminence's personal statement.