Thursday, May 12, 2016

The village idiots can now say goodbye valid baptisms and marriages.

Pope Francis today announced his intention to set up 'a committee' to contradict infallible teaching on valid matter to perform Sacraments.

I guess he thinks we can't see through the chicanery. I mean to say, when a person asks him question for which the Church already provides an answer, he pretends It doesn't and he must convene a committee to provide them with answers.

The committee could also study consecrating cupcakes and tea.

While he's at it, he might as well hoodwink the faithful on valid matter for the Eucharist, don't you think? I think that's about the only thing left he hasn't relegated to profane.

Well, we all know who won't be on that committee. People who are educated, faithful and qualified. The committee will be stacked with reprobates and he'll act surprised when the talking points will advise him women can perform sacraments. TADA!

Here's a question to ponder:

Do you honestly think Fellay is going to entertain the idea of bringing families they painfully preserved in Church teaching into communion at a time when Rome is indoctrinating Catholic families into heresies on every teaching?

This is just my personal opinion, but me thinks he'd sooner stand in the public square and confuse his people by consecrating Bruce Jenner. The timing is off.

Even Fr. Lombardi was left speechless:

Senior Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said to the Washington Post on Thursday that it was not yet clear what the pope’s intentions were.

He said Vatican officials will need to more closely examine transcripts of his comments, which Lombardi described as coming in the form of a “spontaneous conversation” with a nun who asked a question at Thursday morning’s meeting.

I can't answer that question right now. We have to go over the transcript and thrust the spin machines into full-throttle. We'll get back to you on that one.

A nun. LOL.

Look, every sissy priest and feminist from here to kingdom come has tried to come up with evidence there was once a time when women were ordained. They came up empty. The Church has already provided an answer as to why no such evidence exists.

Hey, do you think I've burned my bridges with the diocese?

Deacon Carol has a nice ring to it!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable.... Will the Anniversaty of Luther also be known as the Anniversary of Franco the whacko?

Anonymous said...

I remember when you used to say the SSPX was schismatic. LOL.

TTC said...

Here's something else that might strike you as funny - they are schismatic, which is why they are separated and need to the process to come back in communion. Because they're schismatic, they needed permission to absolve sins validly this year, in the year of mercy--one of the Sacraments they have been simulating for years!

S said...

The sacraments they offer and ordinations are valid. Licitness is another matter.

TTC said...

The Eucharist is valid, baptisms are valid. Confession is not valid. Marriage is not valid. Confirmation is not valid.

Anyone who has entered a confessional with a priest from the SSPX was no more absolved than having Joan Chittister hear your 'confession'. As far as I'm concerned, the pedophiles are guilty of a lesser spiritual crime against a soul.

S said...

Hmmm. If the Eucharist is valid that means that all venial sins are absolved by recieving in a state of grace. Now that Francis has granted that confessions are valid for his year of mercy it seems a bit odd to hold such a hard line, no?
You have completely lost me on your final point. If a soul has perfect contrition and finds himself in the 'penalty box' with an unknown to him -a false priest, his sin ARE forgiven.

Re: buggery. The simple mechanics of such sin cries to heaven for vengence, and repulses traditional catholic sensibilities.
A spiritual crime against the soul sounds wicked wicked bad. If you are pinning that on the SSPX;the group that saved the latin Mass from being completely lost to history you are spiritually looking through a fun house mirror.
It seems michael Voris (the sodomite in remission) has the same hangup with the SSPX and i really can not for the life of me figure out why. I think it may be that the priests and their formation do not focus on ladylike softness that we have come to expect from catholic clergy. I believe dismissing bitches in britches to be quite honorable in many cases. I think these same priests would not tolerate a fag in their midst for a minute.
Hey how bout francis and the chick deacons?

TTC said...

Yes, Venial sins are absolved with reception of the Eucharist "if the person is in a state of grace". Excepting the Pope's authority for the year of mercy many and most who attend SSPX are 'not on a state of grace' because the priests have been simulating the power to absolve sins, perform marriages and Confirmations. When the year of Mercy is over, unless the Pope extends the authority, they will return to living in a perpetual states of mortal sin--now with full knowledge that SSPX priests have been hoodwinking them. They've run out of excuses of willful ignorance.

This information has never been obscure. It is common sense. These are not stupid people. They were smart enough to recognize priests were demoralizing their people and robbing them of their salvation.

They are driving past 30 Catholic parishes (some with great and faithful priests) to worship with priests who have separated themselves from the Catholic Church. They know full well that an SSPX priest pretending he is confirming and marrying cannot supply them with a valid certificate that a Catholic Sacrament was performed by their false ritual. They know full well the afternoon they spent with this clown will not be entered into the Books of Catholic Church as a Catholic Sacrament. They are living in a state of adultery. They are robbed of the spiritual gifts endowed by the Sacrament of Confirmation.

You have convinced yourself that this academy award winning performance of willful ignorance and defiance somehow pardons them of accountability for entering a Confessional with an individual who has no power to absolve sins and they are magically absolved because they were sorry for their sins.

"You have completely lost me on your final point. If a soul has perfect contrition and finds himself in the 'penalty box' with an unknown to him -a false priest, his sin ARE forgiven.

This scenario is not 'perfect contrition' by any stretch of the imagination.

It is a real doozy. If being sorry for sins were all that is necessary for absolution, the Church has been wrong about the protestants for 2000 years.

Certain actions have to be taken through obedience for Sacraments to be valid. By granting the authority to absolve during the year of Mercy, he has informed every person who heard him of the decades of history of simulating Sacraments by SSPX. Why this would bother you less than a homosexual priest giving you valid Sacraments every week is mystifying. A pedophile is guilty of a lesser spiritual crime.

Incidentally, venial sins are absolved by making the sign of the cross with Holy Water when a person is in a state of Sanctifying Grace. This doesn't lend any credibility whatsoever to the invalid Sacraments performed for decades by SSPX. I'm truly mystified as to why you would find this 'odd'!

Steve Dalton said...

'As far as I'm concerned, the pedophiles are guilty of a lesser spiritual crime against the soul." What a loveless, self/rightous statement! As a person who has known several victims of your lesser crime against the soul, I find myself outraged by this phariseical tripe. I hope sincerely that no relative of yours is ever a victim of this "lesser crime " for I doubt you would ever have the compassion to really help him or her.

TTC said...

Steve, I am very surprised to hear this caricature of me, what I said and the reasons why I say it, because you have been reading here so many years. I've twenty years of labor explaining what makes a heretical priest and the systemic rot that protects them, now going all the way to the Chair of Peter, so dangerous. You seem not to understand Matthew 10:28 or have the decency to admit to yourself the statement was justified.

After reading your statement, it doesn't come across to me that you are 'sincerely hoping' the people I love are safe from sexual predators. At all. So if you'll pardon me, I've got some serious praying and fasting to do.

TTC said...

I seriously don't get why you would post such a nasty comment. This is the blog of a mother, who more than anything else, believes the salvation of her children to be more important than anything else that happens to them and has spent twenty years explaining the misfortune of my family's experience with priests who deprogrammed the Catholic Catechism taught to them at home. Now I am daily dealing with a pope who is brainwashing them not to use the catechism to make judgments about the distinction between sin and virtue and teaching them the pagan "religion" of environmentalism and communism.

My experiences with priests and a pope luring the people I love into their own diabolical disorientation is robbing them of the mist important thing in the world to me and more importantly to Christ. Even the bankruptcy of your empathy and compassion for the millions of people being robbed by them does not give you the right to impose salvation inferior to their mortal body. In no way does the superior importance of salvation discredit the terrible damage done by rape and murder. Your comments warrant an apology.