Thursday, May 19, 2016

When can divorced and remarried Catholics without annulment receive the Sacrament of Confession?

Great interview by Cardinal Burke in which he acknowledges the content of the exhortation that is misleading so many.

As regards absolution for the divorced and “remarried,” Cardinal Burke explained why they cannot obtain absolution without deciding to separate or at least to live “as brother and sister.” The cardinal placed this requirement in the light of the “grace” which is bestowed on every person who is married to live “in fidelity to that marriage,” whatever the circumstances.

He also clarified that while Amoris laetitia affirms that “no one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel,” man can indeed refuse grace and choose hell

And that's the way it is. The Sacrament of Confession can't be given to a person who lacks the intention to stop committing the sin.

I forgot about the false claim that no one can be condemned forever. The boldness of that lie amazes me. Even if one is ignorant of the purpose and theology behind the Incarnation and Sacrifice which purchased the Sacraments of the Catholic Church to save ourselves from an eternity in hell, how could a pontiff so boldly contradict Scripture in its entirety?

Somebody recently repeated Pope Francis belief that the more one commits the sin of sodomy with one person, the sin turns to virtue.

I asked them to apply that concept to other sins to see if it works.

Let's say you steal from the same neighbor a few times a week for five or six years. If a pope claimed that committing the same sin against one person turns stealing into virtue, would you believe this to be consistent with the Holy Spirit?

I mean, come on. It is so obvious.

Let's say you wake up at 3am and sneak over to your neighbors house to covet his wife a few times a week. Would the Holy Spirit lead you to believe you are practicing virtue the more you commit adultery against your wife with his?

In essence, this is exactly what the Romans just did.

Why wouldn't you say to yourself "This theology is daft, something is wrong here."?

It is not complicated to find the truth in this situation.

Christ warned us of this time and it has arrived.

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Michael Dowd said...

It is all pretty obvious, isn't it? Many at high levels in the Church have rejected Christ and his teaching due to loss of faith. This was anticipated when Christ wondered if there would be any faithful remaining when he came again. Conclusion: the end is either near or a chastisement will soon be upon us.