Saturday, May 21, 2016

When the Pope misinterprets Scripture...he's up creek without a paddle!

This was really out there with Shirley McLaine, wasn't it?

This morning Pope Francis gave a homily at Casa Santa Marta where he appeared to claim that Jesus approved of the Mosaic Law on divorce on the grounds of mercy. Or, as Francis put it, Jesus enunciated the "official" truth while then going above it or beyond it in order to engage in accompaniment, integration and discernment.

Good grief.

This is of course the very opposite of what is described in Matthew 19 and Mark 10. It is the Pharisees who attempt to use the Mosaic Law to justify divorce. And it is Jesus who rebukes them for it.


The crowd is trying to trick Christ into saying his own teaching on marriage is in error because Moses permitted divorce and He points them to their own hardness of heart and sin.

By no stretch of the imagination is the encounter Christ's merciful stamp of approval on the adultery committed in the polygamy of a second marriage.

A rather shocking misinterpretation of theology by a Roman Pontiff. God help him.


Anonymous said...

Oh this Pope is so dangerous. He sounds like so many Protestant friends I have failing to mention the rest of the scripture. Jesus also said if a husband leaves his wife for another he commits adultery and if a wife leaves her husband for another she too... I'm not looking up the exact words - Jesus in His Mercy called a spade a spade and explained the sin!

TLM said...

"God help him" ...............AND US! Seems I am getting a tad 'Bergoglio weary' as every day (or it seems) there is another doozy by this Pope. You mean to tell me NO ONE around him can pull him off to the side and say: 'Take a break from the anti Catholicism for a bit, eh?'

Anonymous said...

Mother Angelica said" if your not a thorn in somebodies side your not doing Christianity right" keep up the good fight!

Michael Dowd said...

Yes, more untruth, misrepresentation and nonsense. Who does Pope Francis think he is talking to? Idiots? It would seem that way from the official non response of so called responsible clerics.