Friday, June 24, 2016

Are we all supposed to get married again?

I'm just throwing this out there:

If none of us are married, shouldn't we all call our parish and say "Pope Francis said I'm not married and I'd like to book a Wedding please".

Why are they letting us all go on living in a perpetual state of mortal sin?

I know they are tripping all over themselves trying figure out how to apologize to gays for 2000 years of teaching prohibitions on the sin of adultery, but don't you find it curious they haven't apologized for letting us all go on thinking we were married and telling us what to do next?


Michael Dowd said...

This is how it works according "Pope" Francis. If you were married in a Catholic Church you are not married. If you are shacking-up you are married. If you are living in an adulterous relationship you can continue to do so and eventually become married via counseling with your local priest. In order to secure Church approval if you are a married Catholic you must seek an annulment and start shacking up until you can be pronounced married by your local priest after extended counseling. Anybody got a problem with this?

TTC said...

Micheal, he is a very befuddled man. So frustrating that he observes the chaos and division he is causing every time he opens his mouth and yet will not put a sock in it.