Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Here's some good news for a change...

St. Agnes Parish in Manhattan entrusted to Opus Dei.

Outstanding news for catechesis!

And, are you ready for this?

“I warmly welcome the Prelature of Opus Dei as a partner in serving the people of God of this archdiocese,” Cardinal Dolan said in a statement. “The parishioners of St. Agnes, I am sure, will quickly come to know and appreciate their apostolic zeal in preaching the Gospel, and serving the religious and sacramental needs of the people entrusted to their care.”

Msgr. Thomas G. Bohlin, the U.S. vicar of Opus Dei, said, “We are grateful that the cardinal has asked us to carry out this pastoral work, and we look forward to serving the faithful of the parish of St. Agnes and the Archdiocese of New York.”


I can't help but wonder if he 'asked' immediately after a big fat check was deposited into the Archdiocesan coffers!

I don't care!

Fabulous news!


Michael Dowd said...

Agree. Excellent news, rare recently.

Anonymous said...

Here's some excellent news. The FSSP will be taking over St Stanislaus in Nashua, NH. Perhaps they can get the next Church that goes on the block to save it from the fate of Holy Trinity...