Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pope Francis appoints Capich to Congregation of Bishops

The genre of this papacy is now in full blossom.

It's effeminate men shilling for sodomy, adultery and contraception.

Every time you turn on the computer another wounded wimp in the USCCB comes crawling out of the woodword to tell us how destructive the Catechism has been to his feewings.

He must avoid the Bible like the plaque.

The Catechism also labels lust a “disordered desire,” masturbation “an intrinsically and gravely disordered action,” and rape an “intrinsically evil act”

They're obsessed with homosexual sex. They don't seem to know any other teachings in the Catechism exist.

It isn't the Catechism that's destructive you brood of weenies. It's you!


Anonymous said...

California Catholic Daily headlines the possibility of another "fox guarding [another] Hen-house" at the Vatican ( ):

Will the pope appoint San Diego Bishop McElroy to the Congregation for the Faith? No surprises out of reach after Cupich appointment to the Congregation for Bishops

JULY 8, 2016

The headline refers to the July 5 story in Cal Catholic ( ) about San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy’s proposing changes to the Catechism of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality.

TLM said...

His name is 'Cupich'.........the only way I remember this is because I relate his name to 'Soup' kind of like in 'soupy theology' ;) And.....unfortunately and very sadly, he is my Bishop. He is a real true modernist. We here in Chicago miss Cdl. George terribly. He wasn't perfect but he was a real fighter when it came to taking on the Chicago Machine in regard to abortion and gay marriage. The Chicago Tribune was FOREVER bad mouthing him, and George was FOREVER putting out public statements condemning immoral laws in Illinois. He paid the price too. The 'gay mafia' used to hold protests outside of Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago when he was saying Mass on Sunday, and police usually had to be called in as they would terrorize those going to Mass. That has all ended with Cupich, of course! He also brought back Eucharistic Adoration insisting it be 'regularly scheduled' in the Parishes, and he put an abrupt end to 'General Confessions', insisting every Parish cut out appropriate times for REGULAR Confession. He said to his Priests that they 'could' have a 'Penance Service' but must have individual Confessions with it and to strongly encourage EVERYONE to go. He wanted it set up with several priests so that EVERYONE would go INDIVIDUALLY. There were some Parishes when he came in that didn't even SCHEDULE Confession times. George came down with his hammer on that one. He shaped Chicago up at least substantially better than when we had Cdl. Bernadin, and everyone knows how he was. With Archbishop Cupich, we are right back to Bernadin again. Lord help us in Chicago!!

Anonymous said...

TLM, has he cleared out your seminary yet? He did ours. We won't have any ordinations for years thanks to Cupich. I wish I could find out what he did, or didn't do, that caused 11 seminarians to walk out the door.

StevenD-Jasper said...

Cupich is bad news.... not a good man.

TLM said...


Not yet TOTALLY, but from what I understand from one of the Pastors in the area, there were only FOUR ordinations this spring..........FOUR!! That's compared to Cdl. George's ever increasing ordinations over the years HE was at the helm. Whoa!! Do we miss him or WHAT?? Pray for us Cdl. George!!! He had our ordinations climb to (I believe the last year) over 40!!!! This year it's been knocked down to FOUR!!!!! Like I said....'we're now back to Cdl. Bernadin!! Ugh!!!!!

Upon talking to one of the Deacons in our area and complaining about Cupich, he said: OIE! NOW WHAT DID HE DO?? He had heard so many complaints and read himself so much, he was 'at his limit'. There is really no point in people 'going to the Bishop' for some of the liturgical or any other type of 'Pastoral abuses'. It would be like talking to the wall. Like Francis said to one of his 'confidants' about hearing complaints about Kasper: 'I let it go in one ear and out the other.' They put their fingers in their ears singing: 'la la la la la'. The modernists are now not even hiding their agenda any more. It is crystal clear even to a blind man.

Anonymous said...

Of course they're obsessed with homosexual sex. They want to find a theological fig leaf to justify their proclivities. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Cupich buggered a few young males in seminary. That's a cynical and sad thing to say about a bishop but not for nothing did Michael Rose write, "Good-Bye, Good Men."

We need a St. Peter Damian, right now. Unfortunately, the current hierarchy would pay as much attention to him as the one in his own day did.