Sunday, July 10, 2016

The World is on Fire

It's so upsetting to see the malicious fruit of the two whitey and America haters in the White House.

I could go on and on about the root cause of getting shot by police but its sufficient to say that if you get shot by police, you've made him feel like his life or other lives are in danger.

One male shot by police had 63 criminal offenses on his record. When you consider he probably got caught at 1/100, whatever transpired in the struggle with the officer was life threatening.

Here's a photo of his 'life matters' hobby in the community.

Isn't it curious that the moonbats suddenly support driving around with a gun in your car and giving the appearance you are reaching for it when approached?


We all get pulled over by the police from time to time -- speeding, broken tail light, etc. About a year ago I was pulled over by a young cop for speeding. I was on my way to the morning train and wanted to stop at Dunkies for tea. I had some religious items I was going to take to a priest to bless that needed to be packed in my bag and so while sitting there doing nothing, I got out of the car, opened the back door and started loading them into my backpack. He hopped out of the cruiser, a nervous wreck, yelling and screaming at me never to do that. It never occurred to me that he would think I was a threat. I hardly give the appearance of one but I realized on that day that the world has turned so mad that we have an extra duty to make them feel safe no matter what the circumstances.

This is an outstanding video made by Coffey Anderson.

Getting pulled over in a pain in the butt. It makes us late for places we need to be. But let's all get the word out to go the extra mile in making an officer feel safe.

My daughter sent me a text saying 'Charlie Manson must be pumped cuz it sure looks like helter skelter is happening' and I couldn't agree more.

If you don't want this civil war on whitey and law enforcment to continue we have to oust the democrats across the board in the next election. Let's call it the 'all lives matter' campaign. Vote for Trump and every and any other Republican that is opposing a democrat. Let's put them out of business.


Michael Dowd said...

Amen to all that Carol. The morally bankrupt and evil Democrat policies of creating entitlement groups and disrespect for the law and the police are fatal to the welfare of society. Vote for Trump.

susan said...

The media are a MASSIVE part of the problem too....if a cop farts in the presence of a black thug the media report 24/7 for the next month how police brutality is rampant and racism is institutional. They are a fifth column, and they are a real and present danger.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree with Susan. Most of the media are a kind of devilish anti-grace encouraging and supporting godless and immoral activities.

TLM said...

Yes indeed Carol, we need to vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN for EVERY Republican running for office. There is only one Republican that I will not vote for locally, Senator Mark Kirk who is a #Never Trump fanatic and more importantly is TOTALLY and ADAMANTLY pro CHOICE and sympathetic to the gay activists. I'll leave that one blank. You aren't REQUIRED to vote for every candidate, I don't think. No way I could vote for the Democrat opposing him, but no way can I, in right conscience, vote for him either!! Sometimes we're kind of up against a wall with this election especially with local people that are so PROUDLY proclaiming their immoral platforms in EVERY campaign spot on TV, radio, etc.