Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pope's Heretic on Infallible Teaching on Ordination Accuses Fr. Z of Fomenting Insurrection and Schism

Is this chick for real?

Once again, no good faith could ever be found in a Pope who looks for credentialed people to draw conclusions on infallible teaching on ordination and cherry picks an individual with a public history of using heresy to push an agenda of invalid matter for ordination.

Isn't it just like the nutty women we have been dealing with for forty years to deflect the stink of deception they are dishing out by accusing whistleblowers?!

There's not a lot to add to Fr. Z's outstanding expose of her bizarre screed, except that it is another delivery of turds sponsored by the Pope.

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Michael Dowd said...

Good for Fr. Z. Our dear Pope knows how to pick 'em. He always finds a new wretched person to advance previously unknown (and seemingly heretical) insights on the faith. So let us award her: worst person of the week. And for the Pope? Worst person ____(pick your time period).