Monday, September 5, 2016

Catholic Theology 101: Can inanimate objects receive mercy?

Seems like a stupid question, but here we are!

I have red oak floors in my house that sometimes take a beating, like when I move furniture or the house is full of guests.

Does my floor get the blues when people are trampling upon it?

Are Catholics obliged to perform acts of charity for their hardwood floors?

How about my refrigerator? Does it know when its empty, feel neglect when it hasn't been cleaned for a few weeks?

You would think the answer would be fairly obvious that oak wood floors and refrigerators don't have the substance to have hurt feelings, have emotions or thoughts or a soul, so consequently they do not have the substance to receive acts of mercy.

For Catholics who have been crying out to the Holy Father for mercy and experiencing his willful deafness for the plight of the family and unborn, hearing his plea to the world to give mercy to objects incapable of receiving this great gift, this is really out there with Shirley McLaine.


Anonymous said...

I'm doomed! Today I did much needed grocery shopping, told the clerk I had to have paper Not plastic. Wanted to add I was sinning to use plastic. Well took those bags into the house, half of them tore and everything went all over the ground, tried my best to STOP IT, just didn't work well. Off to Confession Saturday for my potty mouth! In The future I'll have mercy on the paper bags & use both! I'm a sinner no getting around it.

Anonymous said...

One should not expect anything good from an idiot like Bergoglio.


Michael Dowd said...

Papal Bull.