Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kasper's Discussion on the De Facto Schism in the Church

I recently came across this article which affirms Kasper's revelation that the Holy Father has been directly involved in the deliberate sabotaging of Church teaching we have been experiencing during his pontificate.

Even a blind pig finds a truffle once in a while.

in the Church there is a "schism of fact" between the hierarchy and the Catholic community. And I said, blaming the same to a group of cardinals and bishops who had become in recent years the rigorista minority who had always been in the whole of Catholicism; But from now on, without the backing fortunately the successor of Peter.

Fortunately, choosing to emerge Francisco has provided the model of the Church as "mother", because it has bowels of mercy, is more ready to welcome, accompany, discern and integrate it to condemn. And, of course, it is good; but that, contrary to what his detractors may think, it is not silly or prudish nor lax.

Oh, it's coming from bowels all right.

Proof of this is that it has the lucidity and courage required to accept that theirs is to cure, not to condemn; host not exclude; propose, not impose; announce, not silence; forgive, not disavow. And, with regard to sexual morality, he understands that it is time to recognize self-critically that "the message of the Church on marriage and the family" has not been "a clear reflection of the preaching and the attitudes of Jesus while it is proposing a demanding ideal, never lost compassionate closeness fragile, like the Samaritan woman or adulteress "(" Amoris laetitia ", 2016).

As you can see, Francisco does not neglect or forget the doctrine or so -called "non - negotiable truths" of the previous pontificates. Rather, it reads and receives from the centrality corresponding own right, the axiom of mercy. Proceeding in this way, stands on the site that belongs to the so-called "natural moral law" and provides an ecclesial alternative, being inclusive, has more future than his critics and detractors believe; who, incidentally, does not command parade, as was done in the recent past, by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The "schism in fact" of the Catholic Church can dissolve like sugar in water. And not only because it decreases the number of their supporters (sometimes not always confessable reasons) or its anchorage in the rigorista extrapolation, but above all, by the coldness, authoritarianism and theological inconsistency with which they have defended such "truths non-negotiable ".

You know what this analysis forbears?

He's talking about the seven homosexual apostles diligently demoralizing our loved ones for the past fifty years. The author is pointing out what is painfully obvious. The fifty years of brainwashing led to a majority in the episcopate and the Holy Father is working with them to create policies that openly formalize their demoralization as an alternative fiat for salvation.

This sentence is a bit chilling isn't it:

Welcome is the decline of the "master" that has sponsored Church and has been blindly partisan analyzes in black and white juxtaposition between truth and falsehood and condemnation of any discrepancy almost always perceived as breaking off.

I actually don't share the author's confidence that this diabolical force in the Church has or ever will overcome the Master of Truth.

My gut instincts are, those of us who took shelter in apostolates like EWTN and Catholic blogosphere have given them a good run for their money.

I think they were relying upon the sissification of men in the Church and the reluctance of well-heeled Catholic writers to publicly report corruption and wrongdoing of the hierarchy.

I earnestly believe they were counting on the usual suspects to defend the indefensible, as they have been doing for the last 50 years. But, the mounting evidence was just too much to embark on that crusade.

Look, I've been working in Church Militant for decades and I can say with conviction that shutting down nonsense on the parish and diocesan level has been nearly effortless in the past 1 1/2 year or so. There is an element of listening, honesty and right actions that I've never experienced before.

All I have to say to the majority is, buckle up buttercups.

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