Saturday, September 17, 2016

Phil Lawlor Questions Whether Pope Francis is Deliberately Undermining the Chair of Peter

OpEd here.

If he had stated clearly, in a formal document, that divorced and remarried Catholics might receive Communion, Pope Francis would have been ignoring the strong resistance that he had encountered at the Synod, and thus undermining his claim to be speaking on behalf of the world’s bishops. He would also have been contradicting the teaching of St. John Paul II, who was quite clear in stating, in Familiaris Consortio (#84), that divorced and remarried Catholics must live as brothers and sisters if they wish to approach the Eucharist, because "if these people were admitted to the Eucharist, the faithful would be led into error and confusion regarding the Church's teaching about the indissolubility of marriage." The logic of that magisterial statement is compelling. And if Pope Francis reversed the policy set by Pope John Paul II, it would seem clear that a future Pontiff could reverse the policy set by Pope Francis, so that no papal statement would be regarded as conclusive.

Instead, as Royal observes, Pope Francis has chosen to “finesse this process, through accompaniment, discernment, all those words that have no clear limits.” He says that the matter is clear, but does not provide clarity. With his approval, the Argentine bishops say that divorced/remarried Catholics may only receive Communion under certain limited circumstances, but do not specify what those circumstances might be. Everything is left to the discretion of the pastor; the guidance from Rome is that there will be no guidance.

That's right.

If it's one thing the Holy Father has been consistent about it is slithering around clarity, truth and what he's doing with the heretics he's summoned to the Vatican to help execute his ideas.

As much as we don't want to acknowledge the source of the stink of deception all over this papacy, I think we can all stop wondering if the smoke is deliberately being blown into our family and homes.

The Holy Father has an outcome he desires and HE is taking the actions to bring about that outcome.

Who knew surrounding our families with heretics who misguide them could be deliberate.

Oh wait....WE DID!!!


Sixupman said...

Franciscus has certainly such intent!

Michael Dowd said...

Phil waking up to the bubbling heresies is the news event.

Anonymous said...

Undermining the papacy? Ya think!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea.

Enough of the wondering op-eds. Why doesn't Phil and anyone else wondering just ask Francis the question directly? I, for one, would love to hear his response.

TLM said...

I don't think we even need to ask the question any more. The Pope stated clearly his intent of A.L. in his letter to the Bishops that was leaked when he said: "No other interpretation is applicable". .....or something to that effect. As Robert Royal said in 'First Things'..........the wondering what he meant in A.L. is over. He is clearly trying to change the 'Pastoral Application' of Communion for irregulars without formally changing Doctrine. In other words.......who cares what the Doctrine says.....handle it the way you see fit. The Pope's interpretation of 'MERCY' is so twisted as to actually believe you can have 'MERCY' without 'JUSTICE'. I think he actually believes as Archbishop Cupich does that 'The Eucharist is the sacrament of MERCY'. Someone needs to ask him this: 'Then why did Our Lord institute the sacrament of Penance????'

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for Sept 20 when Francis hits Assissi!