Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pope Francis Accuses Catholics Who Attend Latin Rite of "Rigidity" and "Insecurity"

Cuz nothing screams "insecurity" like fleeing from effeminate priests giving lame or heretical homilies, right?

Couldn't just be that the beauty and depth of the prayers in the Latin Rite draws us closer to Christ and sanctification, right?

We can pray better. It's an effortless and natural passage into the mystical world.

Couldn't just be that Latin Rite priests actually teach our religion, right?

What soul on the pursuit of sanctification wants to listen to this kind of dangerous drivel?

This pope believes if you don't break commandments you are the 'sick' one in need of 'the Lord's help':

Pope Francis again returned to the theme of rigidity today, saying those who unbendingly follow the law of God are "sick" and in need of the Lord’s help.

Here's a news flash for the Pope:

Catholics who resist temptation to break commandments are drawing that strength from the Eucharist. The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. That is what you are calling 'sick'.

And while we use the Sacraments and prayer to struggle with our temptations and desires of the flesh - you disgustingly said you'd like to trip us up:

He once called those who try to unbendingly follow the Law of God people as having “weak hearts” whom he confessed he would like to trip up with banana skins so they would know they are sinners. In June, he said “rigid” people in the Church who tell us “it’s this or nothing” are heretics and not Catholics. He has also warned about seminary formation being too rigid to allow for the development of priests.

I think many of us will respectfully agree to disagree about who the "sick" person "in need of help" is in this crucible.

Our next project: Drain the Swamp in Rome.


Michael Dowd said...

Demonic possession is what springs to mind when reading the latest heretical outrage from Pope Francis. He seems to asking cafeteria Catholics to mock anyone who takes the Catholic faith seriously. This is plainly evil and scandalous.

Anonymous said...

As I sat in Mass this morning, the only woman wearing a mantilla, I briefly thought, am I being too ridgid? Hell no was the voice I heard.
I always wear a mantilla when in Gods presence. Pope Francis's rant just drew me closer to God. I'm not wearing the mantilla to show off, it's required by the Angels that surround the Altar during Mass! It is an external sign of humility and obedience before God truly present in the Tabernacle and His real Sacrifice on the Altar. Drain the swamp is right & take up your arms (Rosaries) and storm Heaven for help down here.

Anonymous said...

"He seems to asking cafeteria Catholics to mock anyone who takes the Catholic faith seriously."

If you take a gander onto CAF, you will see that is exactly what they do. Members have been banned for quoting Church doctrine from the Council of Trent and, believe it or not, the Baltimore Catechism. T