Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rigidity of Heresy

Some really good op-eds and commentary on the Holy Father's pugnacious indefensible snittery.

From Fr. Porkosky's Rigidity Dog Whistle:

Many seminary authorities – at least in the 1980s – were overly confident in themselves. They used “rigidity” as a code word for “unbending orthodoxy,” a high crime then in the priestly formation business. Many bishops, unfortunately, were out of touch with the modern seminary system, and the ambiguity of the word was exploited by dissident seminary authorities.

It's truly maddening when you think about how spiritually malicious this actually is.

"Rigidity" is used to slander and malign Catholics who resist temptation to break Commandments.

They actually want us to commit mortal sins or encourage others to commit mortal sins.

Because they do.

When we won't follow their example, resisting temptation and mortal sin becomes their enemy. They don't want people around who live the actual fiat of our religion.

For decades insidious men kept sound, faithful Catholic men from the priesthood.

What really gets me is, they actually think their slander and nasty asshattery so they could teach heresy for the last 50 years isn't 'rigid'!

Jeff Mirus echoes some of my thoughts:

Is it a mark of rigidity to accuse others of rigidity?

Now, am I saying that Pope Francis frequently says and does things that suggest the lack of an examined life? In his frequent careless remarks, so dear to those who regard Christ as a stumbling block, he has actually provided abundant evidence of this possibility. No modern pope has more consistently given voice to what our dominant culture wants to hear, right down to his frequent criticism of Catholics courageous enough to live deliberately counter-cultural lives. Moreover, the frequency of such very questionable remarks seems to be steadily increasing.

I admit that such speculation is dangerous, for none of us is close enough to the Holy Father to form this kind of judgment. But I am convinced that the following statement is absolutely fair and just: We have more evidence on which to question either the spiritual or psychological health of Pope Francis than he does to question the spiritual or psychological health of the entire class of young people who treasure the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Longtime readers know, by the way, that I have no personal attachment to the Extraordinary Form, so this is not special pleading. It is simply the sad reality of our current situation in the Church.


His own people in Argentina are eating cats and pigeons to keep from starvation and yet to this very hour, the Holy Father promotes murdering communist dictators who promise free cheese.

Seems pretty 'rigid' to me.


Michael Dowd said...

"yet to this very hour, the Holy Father promotes murdering communist dictators who promise free cheese."

The above statement is clearly news.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

You know, how Jorge Bergoglio loves the smell of the sheep, and how anti-elitist he is. He has clearly defined a life of obedience to God's commands as elitist.
When you practice your faith, when you practice obedience to God (if you love me, you will follow my commandments), when you are a man aspiring to virtue, you are elitist. Integrity coming from putting in practice what you claim to believe, is now officially suspicious and bad. If you are a man of virtue (if you seem so, as a sinner), there must be a hidden darkness and possibly mental illness. On the other hand, hypocrisy coming from a life of sin and stupidity in the name of mercy is good. A Bergoglian definition of hypocrisy is not living what one preachers - for one preaches unrealistic ideals, while life is messy.

The Church has always known that man is imperfect, a sinner, but the Church has always taught that man should turn to God, turn away from sin, in order for the Holy Spirit to lead him to a life of obedience. Bergoglio accuses those who do it of dark motives and a lying spirit.

To Jorge Bergoglio a Christian life is not one of service and obedience to God, it is a life filled with social and economic justice under the banner of masonic revolutions, Luciferian rebellion, humanistic delusions that man is good.

Joe Potillor said...

Rigid, I guess that goes along with his other insults....I'll take rigidity as a compliment, This Pope quite frankly is making the Orthodox look more and more correct after every utterance of idiocracy.