Saturday, January 14, 2017

An oldie but a goodie on demonic activity.

Something else we can all use a refresher course on from time to time.

Much thanks to our friend Kevin for this rocking article on demonic activity.

I am certain TTC readers, who are Eucharistic, Sacramental Catholics have experienced and sensitive to demonic activity.

The only time I experienced a real harrasment was when I was practicing Mystical prayer, going to daily Mass, frequent Adoration, Doing and teaching St Louis DeMontfort Consecration, etc.    I think the most powerful Church Mikitants are our prayer warriors, celibate priests and consecrated religious who move mountains with their prayers and intercessions.  The devil has of a lot of interest in throwing stumbling blocks in their direction.

The scariest thing I ever experienced was the bed shaking. Until this article I didn't know that was one of the devils regular tricks.  I got a kick out of the description of paralysis that sets in when it happens.  You would think the instinct would be to jump out of bed and get the Blessed salt and holy water, but you get so scared you don't move a muscle!  You are not supposed to talk to them but I got rid of it by calling him a no good so and so and saying the Hail Mary and Glory be.

Most of us only cause enough trouble for the devil to be on his lower list of priorities. He hangs around looking for ways to tempt us and lead us away from God. I like how the article talks about feeling the presence of something before he pull a stunt. That is such an obvious clue that we often dismiss until he strikes or provokes. One of the exorcists in the article describes how the devil can feel the Presence of Christ in a hidden pic. I believe the opposite is also true. A soul in a State of Grace can also feel the presence of a demon though we usually dismiss that feeling. Our Guardian Angel is constantly counseling us. We have to pay much more attention to stay ahead of invisible spiritual enemies And our own flaws.

One of the most clever things a demon does is use people we love and trust to infuence or derail us. Remember when Peter suggested Christ not suffer and die and Christ responded with "Get behind me satan"? I'm seldom on my toes enough to manage this and even more unaware when Satan is using me to get to somebody I love.

Holy Water can keep us out of an awful lot of trouble!

The instinct of the soul is constantly speaking to us about spiritual things. My new year's resolution is to listen more carefully. It's a full-time job!


Catechist Kev said...

Darn it!

I just tried to post one of the first times I had a little visit by an evil one Carol, but the page timed out.

If you have a little time watch this video about Fr. Vincent Lampert of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

It is a SyFy channel production for the show "Paranormal Witness" and details how Fr. Lampert got started in that ministry.

I went to hear him speak once at a parish giving a little more details about his ministry. Scary. Really scary.

Catechist Kev

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Kevin and Carol. It is a good practice to sprinkle holy water on your pillow before going to sleep.

susan said...

Carol, don't know if you've seen this yet or not, but O'Malley really is a total, depraved, cowardly, effete skunk. His role in this is EGGREGIOUS. God help us and soon.
Vox intros the story with a link to the source.....

susan said...

....just to be clear, he's got 2 links; this is the relevant one I referenced....

TTC said...

Thanks Susan!

Was just finishing up a post!

TTC said...

Thanks again. I haven't done any diligence on this accusation, but it is so far out of character for Cardinal Sean, i am not comfortable including it.

I had a family friend who was falsely accused and spent years deeply involved in the process of how accusations were handled. As I mention in my list, even priests who had evidence that exonerated them were removed. I don't know what to make of this story!

Anonymous said...

An easy way to protect ourselves is through joy/happiness. It´s the closest to love, and the devil can´t reach joyful people. Laughing and especially laughing at him are great weapons.