Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Knights of Malta Fire Another Salvo at Kangaroo Investigation

It should be obvious that a termination is warranted when an employee is involved in a project of leading souls into temptation and sin by passing out condoms. Here is a broken bottle. Go scratch your backsides.

With the library of of letters we have sent to the Holy See documenting spiritual abuse and malpractice,heresy and apostasy in our parishes, schools, chanceries and apostolate, which they have refused to act upon, this really tells the story of the sinister forces of the Pope Francis papacy, doesn't it?

They stopped the investigation of decades of diabolical activities of the coven of dyke nuns and they initiate an investigation into the terminations of pimps.

I am shocked the Holy See is willing to boldly march into war with the Knights of Malta. All of its members are extraordinarily wealthy donors to the Church and many hold very influential positions in the public sector.

Money has always been the oxygen of of bishops and cardinals. They have spent decades selling the salvation of immortal souls for money.

They are so bloodthirsty for Cardinal Burke they are cutting their own supply of oxygen.

I would love to know if Soros gave the Holy See money and if so, how much.

Something really stinks. What we need is a Catholic Wikileaks.

There is some speculation that the Holy See will eventually retaliate by taking away the red hats of Cardinals who have asked the Holy Father to clear out the smoke of Satan.

The good Cardinals will not be threatened into silence and the pushback is going to make the covert coup that floored Hillary Clinton look like a weekend retreat with the Tinkerbells at the Peace and Justice Commission.

They have no idea what they are up against.


Michael Dowd said...

Where is Julian or Vladimir when we need them?

I wouldn't surprised if someone was blackmailing the Vatican right now on all the shady happenings there.

Tom said...

I think that if FrankenPope forces the Knights of Malta to reinstate Boeselager as Grand Chancellor and possibly appoints a more Franken-pliant cardinal-patron than the current Cardinal Burke, it will cause a schism - not in the Church as FrankenPope has supposedly said how he might go down in history - but in the Order. This would compromise the Order's mission, integrity and effectiveness - not only in the possible resumption of the likes of Boeselager's condomgate but also in the Order's other charitable activities.

Dymphna said...

I'm so glad you're back.

TLM said...

Dymphna- DITTO!!!

As I've said in other places.....this WAR that has now reached a fever pitch is not a war of flesh and blood but of Principalities and Powers. The good Cardinals that are fighting the heresies of A.L. are up against the Father of Lies himself. I wonder just how aware they are of this? They are indeed in the very trenches of the caldron of Satan's brew. Double your prayers and mortifications for these good men, they need ALL the graces they can get!!