Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pope takes giant leap as an enemy of faithful practice of Catholicism

Yuge news over the last 24 hours in the Church.

Remember the mess in Knights of Malta wherein the Grand Chancellor was terminated for his oversight of 25 years of condom distribution, the Pope took up the cause to have him reinstated and the Grand Master told the Pope he had no authority over the Knights of Malta?

After a meeting with the Pope, the Grand Master resigned and the Grand Condom Distributer was reinstated as Grand Chancellor  with all decisions taken post December 5th revoked.  The Pope will appoint Grand Commander pending the appointment of a papal delegate.

I'll leave the canonical explanation to the Canon lawyers, but I believe this is a seizure of the Knights of Malta by the Pope.    It's an extraordinary exercise of thuggery, which under the circumstances appears to be an abuse of the authority of the Chair of Peter.

Now that the pope has taken over the order, the legal questions mount.

Take, for example, the Vatican statement announcing the developments: It said the pope had "accepted" Festing's resignation, although under the order's own legal code the pope has no role whatsoever in accepting or rejecting resignations of grand masters. "It's not for the Holy Father to accept the resignation of the Grand Master, it's for the sovereign council to accept it," noted Kurt Martens, a professor of canon law at the Catholic University of America.

As if to drive home that point, the Knights issued a statement Wednesday saying the sovereign council would meet Jan. 28 to formally accept the resignation. In theory, the sovereign council could also reject it.

Because the Pope's role supports an individual who contradicts Church teaching and spent 25 years robbing people of salvation, it is impossible to say the hostile takeover is about the salvation of souls. 

So what is it about?

As I've mentioned before there is an awful lot of money in the wallets of the Knights of Malta.  Could it be about the oxygen ($$$) of bishops?

Maybe.  Time will tell.

Is it about breaking down the orthodoxy of Church teaching by surrounding members with heretics, like he is doing with everything else?

Hard to exclude that possibility.

Is the Pope engaging in a pissing contest with Cardinal Burke at the expense of the salvation of souls?

I think we can take that to the bank.

But again, the Pope seems to be suffering from the delusion that Catholics devoted to the mission of salvation will kick Christ to the curb at his requests to be loyal to his proposed disobedience.

He and his cronies have no doubt crawled over a lot of craven bodies on his way to the top.  But they are underestimating Church Militant and that surprises me.

Keep underestimating us.  That will be fun.

More on this over the next few days, but there is a 90 day intense novena starting February 13th, Nineveh 90.

A word to the wise Romans:  The last novena brought our beaten people the Trump presidency.  Hope you are watching, reading executive orders and keeping up with House and Senate.  Tune into the Sean Slicer show every day for the readers digest and watch the heads spinning.

You are next!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Did you see this?

Kathleen1031 said...

It's good to read your words. I wish I felt as confident. Thus far, he is a "Teflon Pope" and nothing sticks to him. Well, to be fair, nobody throws anything that would have a chance to stick to him. Ultimately I feel things will go our way, he will get his, and good will overcome evil. At this moment, it looks pretty grim.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

You did see it - never mind! :-)

Kneeling Catholic said...

on another note, did you see President Trump put in a plug for this Weekend's March for Life?

TLM said...

I'm also wondering if you've been over to 'The Remnant' today? Seems that Chris Ferarra, Michael Matt and others have sent a letter to President Trump asking him to investigate the possible U.S. involvement with Benedict XVI's abdication and Bergoglio's assent to the throne. They seem to think a lot of things indicate heavy U.S. involvement. It just gets crazier and crazier as time goes on. Who knows whether the new administration wants to delve into THAT can of worms, but again.....time will tell. Seems that Trump is aggressively taking on the globalists and the One World Order people, but who knows how far he really wants to go, and how much he will be stonewalled for even attempting. Ferrara, Matt & Co. have seen the now President Trump's aggression and fearlessness in publicly opposing these people, and they've seen how he's about to investigate 'voter fraud' of this last election, so they may anticipate that 'maybe' he would.........IF they have anything credible, and IF Trump can even trust the intelligent agencies. I'm really skeptical since that one secret service agent said she would 'NEVER' take a bullet for Trump. He's got enemies EVERYWHERE. I'm praying for President Trump's success AND for his SAFETY!

Keep the Rosary beads going people! The war in Heaven has become SO INTENSE that it is spilling out all over the a YUGE way.

Mike Hurcum said...

I have question. How will the executive letter on defunding groups who send money from the States to foster abortions. Already the Dutch are trying to replace the $600 million that Planned Parenthood cannot send (BBC News or ITV news I believe) Meanwhile the American Conference of Bishops are still in denial that they send American dollars to fund abortionists in the name of charity. Will the US government allow this to happen and not investigate. You are US citizens any one going to inquire? Of course the madcap hierarchy will probably use the Vatican Bank to hide their law breaking actions

TTC said...

Kneeling Catholic, I saw that!!!! Awesome!

I'm hoping he surprises us and shows up to announce his Supreme Court nominee!

Anonymous said...

Is it immoral to attend a church that supports abortion?

Many Protestant churches openly support abortion; it would seem that attending such a "church" isn't only an error, but also immoral.

But then . . . is it also immoral to attend a catholic church that supports abortion?

As many reports have shown, the Catholic bishops in the United States, through their official charity, Catholic Relief Services, has been giving money to charities that support abortion for many years.

The excuse has been that this money is given for non-abortion activities, not for the abortions that the charity promotes.

I doubt this argument would be used to give Catholic money to the Nazi party, which, after all, performed good charitable work, such as supporting impoverished musicians.

It is hard to believe that the bishops are "in denial" about this support.

Most of them supported 100% pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, with their eyes very wide open.

When you give money to your catholic church in the general collection, very often your American bishop is taking a percentage of your donation, and very often your American bishop is funneling part of that money to the official charity, Catholic Relief Services, which is giving part of that money to a charity that supports abortion.

Even if the money isn't used for abortions directly, your donation is supporting the abortion-supporting charity. It helps promote the charity, and it allows the charity truthfully to claim Catholic support. It helps extend the reach of the charity and legitimizes the charity in the eyes of the people.

The Catholic church in the United States *says* it opposes abortion, but most of its bishops supported Hillary Clinton.

In the United States, the person in the pews, who may even be making a sacrifice to give to the church, is often giving some of his money to a charity that is killing his neighbor's baby.

Is it immoral to attend a church like that?

My priest confessor has told me that because of the above situation, it is licit for me to stop giving money to the parish.

Anonymous said...

I saw that petition to the President, I'm not sure he is ready to take on the Catholic Church yet but he can keep them out of US Politics, ex. Defunding PP. hidden in the pews are a tremendous number of prayer warriors, it's their time now. Ah, the hierarchy is so evil. The latest is proven on Seans blog promoting the movie Silence, along with Francis who did in late December! Even meeting with Scorsese was a denial of the Faith which Francis did. Oh it's time to call down the Martyers in Hevaen who have been blasphemed by this movie & must be sitting on the edge of Heaven just waiting to be asked down, well I say, Come on Down!

Anonymous said...

The Catholic church in the United States *says* it opposes abortion, but most of its bishops supported Hillary Clinton.

The USCCB supports only those things that will protect its political, financial and clericalist interests. It long ago abandoned Christ on the cross of power, wealth and intellectual fashion.

TLM said...

Absolutely correct Anonymous@11:00 PM. The USCCB has a 'forked tongue' and promotes one thing but does the opposite. It's all to keep the 'gravy train' coming. Yep, gotta keep those federal Democratic dollars rolling in!! Throw Christ and His Church to the wind as long as they have money in the bank.

NIdahoCatholic said...

I'd like to suggest an extra decade daily for our president, as long as he is in office.