Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vatican starts excommunicated apostate series of postage stamps

First stamp will be Martin Luther.

Sources say they've got Henry VIII and Elizabeth Taylor in the queue for the Amoris Laetitia Marriage and the Eucharist Commemoration Stamps. 

The putana stamps will be released on Fat Tuesday.

Rome has fallen to the dogs.


Kd said...

Carol, I thought this was a JOKE until I clicked on the link! Dear God in Heaven HELP us! It's a done deal I guess the Catholic Church of Rome has officially merged with the Protestant Church! Aren't there enough Saints that deserve recognition? Or Holy Places?
Jesus have Mercy on Us!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I believe Herod and Herodias will be coming soon thereafter.

Steve Dalton said...

How about a Jack Chick stamp?

TLM said...

The wolves aren't even hiding anymore! They are so BRAZEN that they are proudly boasting of their diabolical plot to destroy the Church of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Taylor? Aside from having had seven husbands, why would "Cleopatra" be in this entourage? King Henry VIII only had six wives. She outdid him in this category. Although she left the "Christian Science" cult to become Jewish, she was never in the Catholic Church to begin with.

TTC said...

Anonymous, LOL. I added Taylor because I came to the conclusion these people don't know or give a rat's patoot about the distinctions between Christ's salvific gift in His Church and separated false or pagan practices of God's people. Frankly my dear, they don't give a damn and the manifestations of that pathetic reality are endless in what we could experience in the days ahead.