Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The nastiness of the dying political culture

Just saw a clip of Nancy Pelosi saying Gorsuch is against food, medicine for children and breathing clean air.

What a mean and nasty thing to say about a decent, loving and kind man.

The rhetoric they feed women with inferiority complexes to whip them into a frenzy doesn't even have to be credible.


Michael Dowd said...

Agree completely. Democrats as we all know subscribe to an evil political philosophy which corrupts their minds rendering them unable to deal with reality or the truth. We can expect nothing from them but insults and lies. And to think many of them are "good" Catholics even Bishops. To me this situation is one of the results of Vatican II where morality was replaced with socializing during worship and justifying bad behavior, i.e., Social Justice.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Mass at St Thomas More in Braintree where the lefty loser priest in residence rambled on and on about how we are all immigrants and how we have no right to tell people they have to obey our immigration laws. This was his interpretation of the Cardinal's letter. Stared him down during the Mass, such that at the end, he made a point of shoving his well fed mitt into mine saying "HOW ARE YA". I'm not sure where the battlefront truly is, is it against Islam or against the misuse of Catholic authority in our very midst?

Anonymous said...

It's against both, anonymous at 11:50 a.m. on 2/5/17. The problem is that Rome is to Mecca what Vichy was to Berlin more than 70 years ago.