Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Outstanding Article on the Restoration of the Sacred Liturgy

The reform of the reform.

You will love this article.

I will add one thing. The article mentions that many young people are turning to the Latin Rite because it is new to them, rather than the creepy and peculiar assertions that they are mentally ill people with clothing fetishes. I would also add that many have fled because of the overwhelming number of effeminate and heretical priests. They want priests who walk and talk and act like men. Men who teach our religion to the people in the pew.

You have to go far and wide to find a parish of priests with testosterone who help us weekly refine and sharpen the tools for salvation.

Young people don't have time to waste sitting through sappy religious entertainment and the last thing they want to hear is communist ideas coming out of a man whose mannerisms remind them of their grandmother.

They are tired of looking at sanctuaries filled with postmenopausal woman wearing polyester.

They are trying to live each day in a State of Sanctifying Grace and need to hear sophisticated theology to battle the temptations and wiles of the devil circling our wagons.

They are tired of being lied to and robbed. They are tired of offering a substandard offering to Christ.

They are tired of the Vatican Two buffoonery.