Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pope appoints one of the worst effeminate priest heretics (and that is saying a lot!) in US to Vatican Communications Office

I will say one thing: At least the Holy Father has the decency to give his papacy an official face of the heretical girly man.

Bruce Jenner must have been busy.

Here's a true confession: I actually live in a decent parish cluster. The assigned priests are good to outstanding. But they have a few guest priests who fill in that are off of the reservation. I've walked out on one of them several years ago and since that day will not go to Mass without checking the schedule to see who is saying the Mass to make sure it isn't him.

Of late, I've been going to one of the parishes in the cluster where this bloat has never showed up, so last Sunday, I let my guard down and went to Mass without checking the schedule.

Big mistake.

I never saw the presiding priest before but as soon as I walked in the door and laid eyes on him, a tornado wind of estrogen nearly blew me off of my feet. His effeminate way of talking, walking, standing and gestures was an overwhelming distraction through the entirety of the Sacred Liturgy. My spiritual equilibrium was tossed around like a leaf in the wind. It took tremendous discipline at the Canon to make my mystical connection with Christ and pray through what was happening in the Liturgy.

It is a gross understatement to say that I'm sick of priests flaunting their sexual debauchery in the Sanctuary.

It is disgusting. It is disturbing.

If a female choir person walked, talked, dressed and acted like a putana while singing One Bread One Body, somebody would do something about it.

We've all lived through 50 years of the priestly fraternity of Mapplethorpe. Just as they all had one foot in the grave, Pope Francis comes along to make it front and center again.

And for the record, there are more than a handful of faithful Catholic priests who likely struggled with same-sex attraction but have never set scorched the pews with scandal.

They didn't assume the persona of a gay man. They consistently teach what the Church teaches. I'm not speaking about these priests. I'm speaking of priests who practice homosexual sensuality in every thought, word and gesture and flaunt their sexuality around the sanctuary during the Sacred Liturgy like they are at a gay bar in Provincetown.

We needed this phenomenon to communicate the rubbish coming out of this papacy like we need a hole in the head.


Anonymous said...

LOLROTF. I read this post without clicking on the link to the subject's identity, and I thought: Another good example is James Martin, SJ, who champions the canonization campaign of Alinskyite Dorothy Day.

Then I clicked on the link and found James Martin is the ONE your post is about. My gayometer goes past the dial when I see Martin in action.

Anonymous said...

For Carol:

"They were once the first to proclaim that the cafeteria was closed. Today, not only does the cafeteria seem to be open, but some of those figures are encouraging a food fight."

TTC said...

I feel sorry for people who thought Church teaching is whatever comes out of a pope's mouth, even if it's heresy.

Whoever wrote the article anon posted seemed to be hanging onto the belief the Church needs to modernize its teaching to keep up with sexual perversions of the uncatechized or else they won't come to Church. LOL

I don't think anyone expected the election of a pope who would surround us all with heretics to teach heresy. But here we are, choking from the lethal smoke he is blowing into the Sanctuary.

During Christ's Passion, He warned us that His Church would be tried by false shepherds who would toss the Truth and act like they are doing Christ a favor. It must be very disorienting for those who strayed from Sanctifying Grace. They have my prayers.